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March 6, 2008

radical! dude!

and that is enough of the surfer type cheerful affirmations. Firstly I ventured in to the lands of EBay selling, like I said before. Both the items I listed sold. (insert dance here) and for a reasonable price (insert grin here).

I’ve sent both items off this morning and for the first time ever my pay pal account has a floating balance that I just cant wait to spend. Still I’m holding on to it for now until inspiration comes my way but I can tell it may just soon be spent on knitting stuffs which wont help the wedding fund. Really it should all go in to the wedding fund as the squeezebox was Scotty’s and I now have the money (insert evil laugh here).

Last night I said goodbye to my wedding dress silk. I took it to the dress maker. Next time I see it, it will be cut in to bits and shaped to form a dress for me. Its all just a tad exciting. I expect to hear again from my dress maker in mid April. I also told her about She loved the idea of it and was very positive about wanting to list stuff on-line. I think it will be ideal for her.

After dropping off the fabric I went down to the shops on the bypass. Ones I don’t get to very often because they are so far the other side of the city it tends to take over 40 minutes to get there through town. I went in to Range. I’ve never been there before and I am impressed by their stationary and craft section. If I was desperate they also had yarn, although it was either very bland or very novelty. Anyway I went to look for wedding invites. I wanted to make my own, but cutting out windows on around 80 items was not something I would call fun. I managed to find spray mount, and a new craft knife with extra blades. (give me anything sharp and I’ll have fun for hours, ask my mum about that and me quietly playing with scissors whilst she decorated. One very holey dress later…. I was only 3)

I also found some cards with 3 square windows 99p for 20. I can line them with an internal paper layer which I can print on a normal printer and spray mount that in to the card with a decorating layer in front of the windows. I’ve added it up and I may just be able to make 80 invites in around £30 including all tools and paper. Hoorah! Now all I have to do is mock one up and get Scotty approval. Here’s hoping I can get that posh clean and spangly look I’m aiming for 80 times over.


up down

March 3, 2008

I’m drained tired and snotty, achy and feeling rough.

Saturday was great, we got up early made it in to town shopping. Came back and completely cleaned and hoovered the lounge and kitchen. Then my sister and her husband popped over for an hour with Ewan and Bethan. They met Otis and Jasper and played on computer games. We made coffee and chatted and I showed them round the new car. Otis and Jasper were happy to have guests they greeted them and played a little. I was surprised how well they took to everyone, this bodes well for them visiting people if we need to, like when we want to go on honeymoon.

After they left we went over my brothers taking the car out for its first proper run. Still smallish roads so I’ve not tested it out on overtaking yet. Its a lovely smooth ride and very comfortable. When we got to “woodstock cottage” (the name suits the converted barn down to the ground) the power was out. The kids were fed from a gas ring cooker and we ordered takeaway.  The evening was spent by candle light chatting by a roaring log fire trying to think of things to do. We took a moment outside to watch the stars which were very very cool and bright because of the lack of lighting anywhere near. At that point there must have been a 3 mile radius of power outage, complete darkness and clear skies. It didn’t last long and we got cold.

Sunday was spent feeling the effects of doing far too much on Saturday. I managed to get some cat food the same as Jasper needs. This seems to be doing the trick although the change of what he eats again has meant more runny days. We even had a really early nights sleep last night but now there is no denying I’m pooped.