hunting for a new moblie

April 1, 2008

I’m not getting very far. I cant find anything I want. What I need is:

no bigger than 6cm wide, 10 cm long and 2cm deep. This is where the iphone does not fit my bill.

I need all the functionality of the iphone to link in to my mac at home. I want google maps, I want to be able to list someone, find their address, phone number, web site and birthday all in one place. Plus add tags to that person so I can identify them as work or family, just a glorified all bells and whistles address book and calendar. Something that will manage my time and dates well along with my contacts.

I do not need is a camera or an FM radio or even a music player. I’ve got a nice little ipod for that I can even download and watch videos on that too. It would be nice to have all those things but as is ALWAYS the case I cant find a decent phone the size I want because its laden with all the crap I don’t need. Internet via 3G or edge would be useful but not essential. I suppose I would need it for google maps.

Over all I’m deeply at a loss with how badly mobiles are sold, how badly they manage contact details and information and how badly they suck at being useful. I’m stuck now with a 4 year old phone with a list of out dated telephone numbers in it because I just sooooo cannot be bothered to even change one setting on my old phone. I only use it in emergencies and to receive calls. Oh and why are most mobiles still using systems that have icons for each individual application that makes it look like windows 3.11. Hell yes I remember those days. I cut my teeth on that stuff training in IT.

Currently I have a virgin mobile sim which works out cheap for me because I tend to only make a couple of phone calls a quarter. This then ends up cheaper than any contract out there. So why can I not get anything I need. I don’t text, but I would like a navigation system. Although for a girl I do have a fantastic sense of direction. getting a contract just seems like a step further than I would like to take because it will always cost me even when I don’t use my phone.

Please anyone got any ideas? I’m lost on this one.


  1. The Nokia N95 is pretty good, it’s the only serious contender to the iPhone. Other than that, try the Orange Windows Mobiles, they are quite good.

    As for the iPhone, get a Quidco account and buy it from Carphone Warehouse, you get £60 cashback meaning it is a little cheaper. Download Ziphone and unlock it to your Virgin SIM, using Wifi to do your browsing if need be. Thats all I can suggest if the cost was the main barrier to getting one.

  2. cheers, its a good start. I think I just want what no company is producing at the moment. If I did buy iphone that way even if I did use a seperate sim I would still be lumbered with paying for the sim and contract that I would not be using. Its still like a brick of chocolate in my hands so therefore too big for my pudgy little fingers.

    Sorry but the word Orange and windows as a mix just makes me want to spit. I could se me swearing lots at anything windows that I have to use outside of work.
    I have found this though: http://www.openmoko.com and I may just start learning linux and unix so that I can get the most out of it.

  3. If you can hold on, look out for the new range of devices that run Android (Google’s venture into mobile software):


  4. I keep the phone separate, I’m afraid.

    Most importantly, this means my phone stays uber-slimline so that I can tuck in my pocket (or even my bra) and have it with me all the time in case of emergency, which let’s face it is all I really use it for.

    Secondly, it means I’m never going to be desperately needing to call for help while my “phone” reboots and asks for passwords and reminds me that I need to run my AdAware and preloads all sorts of junk before being ready to use – it just *works*.

    The diary and satnav and contacts list complete with birthdays and whatnot and doodah, I got (well, Steve got for me) from the starting point of “let’s find a PDA with satnav”. It’s a Siemens L00X if that helps.

    It’s a bit bigger than jeans-pocket size, but if I’m going out to a place where I’ll need satnav or internet access, then I’ll have a handbag anyway.

    You could probably find a PDA that does everything you want really well, if you could forgo the “and is a phone” part.

  5. Hi, I have a Sony Eric.. P1i. I wouldn’t have an iphone, and i am a designer and a geek. P1i – i pay £35 a month, giving me unlimted blackberry service (e-mails, web etc), all my contacts sync with my comscooter as well as task, notes. it also has a built in flickr uploader! i also have word and a pdf reader on my phone as standard. Mr Huw P has the older version of my phone – both of us like them as they are more practical than a blackberry but not bug ridden as the iphone. also – iphone not worth the money (my boyfriedns mum is manager of the o2 shop). i can even draw picts on the phone and send them as a note as a MSM. mines under 2cm deep, 6cm wide, 10 1/2 cm long. It is one of the best phones i have used, and will probably stick with. the iphone isn’t that user friendly either… so your not at much of a loss. it also has issues on the o2 network for web/e-mail. most consumers are using it as a combined phone and ipod.


  6. I just have a phone that takes pics and stores numbers and has a special ring for peeps so I know whos calling and is small enough to stash in my pocket. Thats all I wanted in a phone. The rest of the stuff is in my laptop. I DONOT ever want to get a new phone because then I’ll be forced to learn new things again and well, my brain would explode and ruin my day.

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