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I thought it was getting better…

April 8, 2008

So I hauled my sorry wide load in to the office. I sorta wish I hadn’t because I forgot to bring in any pain killers and I’m sitting here thinking if it gets any worse I’m going to extract my brain via my ear. I’m taking the antibiotics, but it could take up to a week to clear up. Its mainly my ears at the moment, I swear using a phone is no good for me! Plus up until 3pm most working days there are diggers and road surface lifters below my office window. OK enough of the moaning… I so need a nap.

I force fed the cats the horrid oxo cube wormers yesterday. HA take that. They will eat them. I just placed them in their mouths and held their head at an upward angle and told them to chew and swallow. They realised I was taking no prisoners and both of them backed down. they got lots of hugs and strokes and cuddles and special treats for being good boys.

I contacted cats protection and they confirmed they covered the last vets bill and all the tests. Total £253 YEEP. Thank god for them. What with the new car and some wedding deposits I was suddenly being parted from most of my life savings all in one month. At least this way I feel like I’m not having it all removed at the same time. I’m a hoarder of money, its mine. I worked for it, and I intend to hang on to as many of those pennies as I’ve earned. I know weddings cost a fortune and this one is not a cheap do, at least I’m getting help in covering it and not leaving myself completely bereft of any fall back.

Its working out nearly completely on target. I worked out when I started I expected to pay around £8000 for the whole caboodle including honeymoon. The new car has stretched me a little at the moment but its doable. I have it covered. Thanks to parents, friends, family, begging and borrowing (I dont steal) I am going to bring that total down. It helps that Scotty has agreed to pay for the whole honeymoon so I suppose I can take that out which is over 2 grand. YAY! What a great husband I’m going to have. oooh husband…. husband… its not sinking in yet and its 4ish months away. Cripey I’d best get all my invites out!

OH and I’ve noticed wordpress have updated the back end of my blog. All fine and good, its taken a few usages to find everything but I now cannot find the spell check so sorry folks you get to see my terible english in all its gory glory. meh live with it or go read something else more interesting.