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all is well in jivaland…

April 11, 2008

well being that I tend to clench my jaw less in my sleep and I’m sleeping through and relaxing more. Better but I still have very tight shoulders. I could do with a massage almost daily but I cant put upon anyone to do that for me. Really I should get myself in to some Pilate’s or yoga, but that would mean spending less time at home and I love my home time.

The antibiodes as I like to call them are doing the right thing with my nasal passages… Its just a shame they are doing exactly what they always do to my female bits. Nuff said. This means whilst I’m on these pills I’ve placed myself on a strict diet. There is one thing I need to eat and that is a wheelbarrow load of live yogurt. The things I cant eat are anything sugary or anything with yeast in which includes bread vinegar and any alcohol. BOO! Not that I can remember the last time I had an alcoholic beverage. (newyears..) It truly bums always being the designated driver.

Anyhew on to things that are not so intimate to my physical being. The wedding planner came over last night. This is all included in the hire of Dragon hall. I knew of the lady in question, Softley events if you want to look it up. She has worked with my employer before and also at dragon hall. I have only heard good things about what she does, which is the way it should be. We discussed decoration, table placing, toys for kids, music, entertainment and over all I think we’ve got most of it in hand and both Scotty and I are feeling very comfortable about the whole thing. I thought by this stage I would be very worried. Honestly I don’t care if nobody but our family turn up as long as I get to marry the man. One of the best ideas she gave us was to leave blank CD’s on the tables instead of cameras. EVERYONE these days, or at least 90% of our guests will have their own digital cameras or mobile phones and a computer at home to copy over the images. This is such a great idea. Then it will also be easier to burn off a DVD for grannies so they can watch us on telly.

Both our boys appear to be well now too. Here’s hoping it lasts all summer! YAY!

ps, the spell check is back. I just spell some things likes I says them 😀