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April 14, 2008

Gosh its already Monday night and I’ve not had time to reprise my weekend.

It was great! I achieved.. well sort of. Went to see mum and dad. Mum is suffering a little at the moment with more chemotherapy. It really does knock her about but she still fights on good and strong. She says its like walking up 9 flights of stairs when she just does the one flight and you get that wobbly leg feeling. Also her arms ache when she’s stripping the wall paper, or painting the walls. WHAT?? YOU WHAT? oh why oh why cant she stop? its because it keeps her going. She’d rather ache and get on with it than sit there. I don’t blame her, I just love her and wish that she would take the best care of herself for all our sakes. I’m sure she does really but I’m still shocked she does not slow down that much. Although she has slowed for my mum. It used to be EVERYTHING done TODAY. If it needed fixing she’d be on it. I’ve just GOT to love her. The best mum ever. Then there is dad, he’s looking after her so very very well, I’m in awe at his stamina and ability to deal with the situation. He keeps going when mum cant and takes all the nagging and instruction she can sit giving. I do love my parents so much, they are amazing.

Then after visiting mum and discussing catering and all those weddingy type things we went on to my brothers house for dinner and a quick play with the twins before bed time. I was fully amazed to see that Izzy has learned all of her ABC.. Tommy is not so forthcoming but he’s mastered potty training and she has not. They are both so very different! I gave them a bath, which basically meant playing with a bottle making squirty fountains to keep them entertained. They went off to bed and Scotty had a drink (antibiodes and driving duty) otherwise I would have stayed over. The world was put to rights and we took a wonder around the grounds in daylight to look at the new plants and in night light to play with powerful torches and marvel at the sunset from their property. Summer parties are going to be the best from their place.

Sunday I rose early thinking I must get some stuff sorted out. I baked a loaf of fresh bread… Just could not resist showing off to my old friend Eve… nipped to the shops, did washing, dishwasher, tidied and generally achieved lots. Scotty went out to take some photos with flickr friends. Eve came over with her beautiful daughter Alys. Alys just loved playing with the cats and throwing quite a hard ball right in their faces. They just took it sort of understanding that she did not know any better. I managed to talk Eve in to doing our wedding cake (its what she wants to do as her own business one day, and she said she would be honoured) which is another weight off my shoulders. Next time she visits she’s going to bring samples. Now is that not just the best visiting present? 🙂 I love her too. I’ve known Eve since I was 17. It was a bit distant for a while but I’m mighty glad we got back in touch. After Eve left for the long drive back to St Albans I sat and knitted.

All in all a very happy weekend, not everything sorted that I wanted to do, like invites and catering not completely decided but still I know what needs to be done now and its very easily achievable. The one thing I do need to do is set the catering in stone so that they cant sneak charges in here and there. You’d be amazed what 3 quotes have already tried to do