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a forgotten birthday

April 18, 2008

and lazy lazy me for not blogging about it sooner. *slaps own wrists*

Otis and Jasper turned 1 year old on Monday 14th April. They were both very good about it and have been harassing us most mornings since getting us up early, walking over the bed frame above our heads and snuggling up right by our shoulders and purring loudly. What can I say, I’ll make it up to them with some fresh home cooked fish this weekend.

For all their fans please follow the link below by clicking on the image to see the newest batch of photos of our stunningly cute boys:

(too lazy to link lots of photos)

how can I not fall totally in love with these guys? I could list the small reasons that annoy like the constant mewing from Otis or the quite vicious farting, or the fact that Jasper will not leave my hair alone, he’s also built like a tank and can easily trip you up and both of them cant leave my bathroom sink alone either. Still I’d rather have them and love them for all of this because it would not be the same without.

We received a letter from their previous owner saying where they were from, why they were placed in care and their origin which was one of the first breeding sets of rag dolls to enter the UK from the US. The previous owners fully explained the multiple cat house hold situation that caused these guys to leave and how much she missed them. It was heart breaking, although she does get to see my flickr photos and is very very happy that they are appearing to fully enjoy living at our house. One thing about these guys, they love guests and visitors, so friends come one, come all. These little fellas could do with pettings from everyone. Here’s to many more years with us rather than anywhere else. I’m going to have to pop and see her and frame her a photo for her house.