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April 21, 2008

yeah, me… bahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha *wipes away tear*

no really, Scotty and I have sat down and made the center of our cards. He’s got to get them printed yet. I’ve made 20 cards so far for the outsides.

We also discussed the food for our wedding and we have what we would like to be set in stone for X number of people this will entirely be buffet style and to our tastes. Likely suspects are:

Mains: spinach and ricotta quiche, salmon and watercress parcels,veggie samosas, vegetable turine

Salads: Green salad, Potato salad, pasta salad, greek salad and roasted vegetable cous cous

Pudding: wedding cake (a new style fruity) chocolate fountain with fresh fruit, lemon cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

Sundries: cheese board with crackers, coffee and mints.

Its taken ages to get to a final idea of what we want. It will be top of the summer so even if it is raining its suitable food, not a sit down 3 course stuff your face. I expect the fountain will be messy but thats all part of the caterers contract. Mum has all these details and will be dealing with getting the contract sorted with the chosen caterer. Now its done I cant believe how easy it was. Lets just see how much they charge for this and staff.

Kitting is going well. I cracked and cast on a new pair of toes for some PURE SILK colinette TAO (marble) stockings for me. I’ve no idea if I have anything near enough yarn but I don’t really care at least I’m trying to knit my own wedding stockings. I just need a pattern that is incredibly lacy so that I can make the yarn go as far as possible. any ideas you knitters out there? I’ve got 4 skeins 50g each £13.50 per skein. Thats going to be £27 per leg folks. damn I’m going to look good.

Finally I baked more bread:

and played with the cats (see flickr for a couple more photos)