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the curse of blogging

April 22, 2008

about knitting is, if you have not got got far enough to completely ban ripping back, keep quiet. Zip it. shut that cake hole and throw away the key.

The silk is stunning, except it has no bounce or pull like wool “duh” I said to myself, its silk you knew that. Knitting stockings in this is difficult. I started off with the wrong size needle for the yarn, 2.5mm and then got as far as finishing the toe. The fabric was very tight but not very giving at all. FROG.

Tried with a 2.75mm needle and the fabric is better for the yarn but the yarn does not make a fabric suitable to stand on. The gaps are too big and it won’t suck back in to shape like wool would. Its already chunky enough that its best not mixed with something else. I also don’t think it helps that the colinette TAO is a single ply too. This makes knitting it on any small needles a bit of a mare because of splitting and twisting. I had to rip back again and re-ball the yarn.

stockings halted. Most likely never to appear becuse I don’t have any suitably coloured light weight sock yarn even with any silk content. I may just have to go ravelry browsing and shopping. Oh dear, someone please confiscate my wallet before I buy more yarn than I can stash.