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UG.. moan.

April 7, 2008

I’ve spent nearly all weekend asleep with a fuggy head. I cant seem to shake out of the gloop welded to inside of my sinus cavity. I’m still tired, my balance is slightly off, my ears are both ring a bit and one was aching so much this morning that I gave up on leaving the house this morning and called in sick. I have a docs appointment for 5pm which will at least will get me some horrid antibiotics to finally remove the infection and inflammation. I think Scotty must be a saint because I swear I woke myself up snoring several times last night. Then I get tense and frustrated because I cant breathe, then I clench my teeth to ease my breathing which is why my head aches are worse than just an infection. Come morning I’m almost as tired as I started out before I went to bed.

Plus we’re trying to force feed our picky cats with worming tablets which are like oxo cubes to put on their food. They don’t like them. They get upset and start scratching at the food box when we leave out food they don’t like and we take away the nice stuff. I managed to get out to the vets for their medicine on Saturday morning, that was £15. they asked if I wanted to clear the bill for all the tests. They said that was £185… I thought that was what the cats protection were covering. I need to get that sorted out, I cant afford to re-run these tests and I just hope these meds work. They both seem better now but worms and parasites have cycles.

Considering that the tests did not find what sort of parasite they are struggling with I’m more than a tad frustrated with the process. Then having our cats not eating the  medicine I’m almost fit to cry. Only they are way too cute and keep looking at me and making the most adorable noises I just give up and hope it will all sort itself out because I’m just  giving up until I feel better.

If you want me I’m welded to the sofa looking sorry for myself under a quilt. *snuffle*


new scarf in progress

April 4, 2008

I’ve been knitting a new scarf:

I’m happy with progress except its lace weight and will take me an age to complete.

Apart from that I’ve had to come home early from work so this update is rather brief. My sinuses are playing up again… which means a head ache which means I should not really be on the laptop. I’ve been to the doctors but I couldn’t get an appointment, so I checked with the pharmacist and he said steam my face. I’m going to do just that and go right back to bed.


hunting for a new moblie

April 1, 2008

I’m not getting very far. I cant find anything I want. What I need is:

no bigger than 6cm wide, 10 cm long and 2cm deep. This is where the iphone does not fit my bill.

I need all the functionality of the iphone to link in to my mac at home. I want google maps, I want to be able to list someone, find their address, phone number, web site and birthday all in one place. Plus add tags to that person so I can identify them as work or family, just a glorified all bells and whistles address book and calendar. Something that will manage my time and dates well along with my contacts.

I do not need is a camera or an FM radio or even a music player. I’ve got a nice little ipod for that I can even download and watch videos on that too. It would be nice to have all those things but as is ALWAYS the case I cant find a decent phone the size I want because its laden with all the crap I don’t need. Internet via 3G or edge would be useful but not essential. I suppose I would need it for google maps.

Over all I’m deeply at a loss with how badly mobiles are sold, how badly they manage contact details and information and how badly they suck at being useful. I’m stuck now with a 4 year old phone with a list of out dated telephone numbers in it because I just sooooo cannot be bothered to even change one setting on my old phone. I only use it in emergencies and to receive calls. Oh and why are most mobiles still using systems that have icons for each individual application that makes it look like windows 3.11. Hell yes I remember those days. I cut my teeth on that stuff training in IT.

Currently I have a virgin mobile sim which works out cheap for me because I tend to only make a couple of phone calls a quarter. This then ends up cheaper than any contract out there. So why can I not get anything I need. I don’t text, but I would like a navigation system. Although for a girl I do have a fantastic sense of direction. getting a contract just seems like a step further than I would like to take because it will always cost me even when I don’t use my phone.

Please anyone got any ideas? I’m lost on this one.