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war of the sock

May 8, 2008

so yeah. I do love knitting socks but this particular pair I was trying to make for me, and as comfortable as possible.

I completely frogged the first time round after getting 3 inches in. Then I managed to knit all the gusset increases and then the heels on both. Tried them on and they were too tight. The gusset increases were too shallow and it was just not right. I’ve frogged back to the point of the increases and I’m increasing every round instead of every other round. That should make a nice deep heel. Also I noticed on making an increase stitch on the upper part of the gusset left holes along the side of the foot. Not quite what I expected. especially when making one stitch from the row below. Instead this time I have used the yarn over and made the holes part of the design. HAHA! I feel like I’m beating a foe at scrabble being more cunning and placing my letters better. My previous posh yarn socks had the gusset increase on the base of the foot which for me looks beautiful, but can be slightly impractical. Both ways yeild a completely different style sock hugging different parts of the foot for comfort.

Now I do need to take pictures. I also want to elaborate on sock construction and see how I can take it further and in a slightly different direction. I’m not keen on short row heels but they are practical. I just did not knit my first sock deep enough (way back when I started sock knitting my first ever sock was short row heel only with no flaps). One day I’m going to sit with a few bits of paper and tape it all to my foot so I can see where the best shapes go so that it can be de-constructed and re-made up in to a sock that can forgo all short rows.. this is my aim anyway.

I’ve tried not writing about personal stuff at the moment, there are a couple of big reasons. I’ll let it all out now instead, I tried holding back and I don’t think that helped.

I’m seriously depressed, the weather is fine, everyone seems happy but behind my “office” smile I just want to cry or scream or both. Its due to my hayfever, bad sleeping because of the hayfever and headaches also because of the hayfever. Including itchiness, irritableness and down right fedupness. Right now I’d love to be cheerful but I am not. I’ve not got any form of answer to sort it out either. I know I’m lucky and I should be happy but after around 2 weeks of feeling poo I’m mighty fed up and being cheerful is just about to make me cry. The cats are lovely but being allergic to them too, right now in spring time its HELL and I’m tempted to lock myself in the spare room tonight just to stop anyone or anything getting in the way of me sleeping.

Then there’s wedding stuff on my mind, mum’s health which of course should not get me down because there’s nowt I can do about it. Plus I feel fat, ugly, moody, grumpy and still with absolutely no reason to take time off to recover from all that. The load is heavy right now, and I know I should be able to cope, its NOT that bad, except you cant hear the nagging in my head telling me it is, the constant body annoyances telling me it is, the frustration of being the same old me stuck in the same old rut doing the same old thing bored. (this includes the job, and I think I have every right to be a bit bored with my job role after over 7 years in the same 6 foot square space without a role change). Then I also put together a healthy lunch of salad and left it out on the side at home. with Avocado and soft baby leaves. *sigh* its going to be brown mush by the time I get home.

well anyway, I think you get the idea, sorry to moan AGAIN, see now I feel guilty for that too. PLEASE someone help me stop and cheer up!