May 12, 2008

Well the weekend was fabulous. Saturday morning my brother came over with his wife and kids. We all went to a pub for lunch and sat out in the shade and sunshine, alternating to warm up and cool down. I’ve kept pretty much covered up for the duration making sure I don’t get burned. This weekend has been sooooo very hot and lovely. As it was snowing just over a month ago it was slightly unexpected to have such great heat and nice weather over the weekend. I went with Becky and the kids to ToysRUs and Scotty went in to town with my brother to buy his suit for the wedding.

The suit buying was a success but I’ve not been allowed to see it. BOO! I’ve seen the cufflinks and they were nice but I do know Scotty paid up around £750 for an entire outfit including shoes. I was quite shocked but at least he’s got some smart clothes now. I know he’s going to look very dapper on the day.

Next I went with Becky and the kids to a party around the corner from my house. It was a 2-yr old birthday party but I felt very accepted even without kids of my own. It was my type of party with a huge tent in their back garden and everyone relaxing. It was odd seeing my house from a distance from someone Else’s garden. Most enjoyable. We’ve also been letting the cats out in the garden lots. After moving all the table and bbq away from the fence we are quite sure that they cannot get out easily and it is ok now to leave them to roam and chew their cat grass.

Sunday was another beautiful day. I baked bread again, I’m enjoying this as a Sunday routine and it makes for great picnic lunches as long as I get up early enough to make it in time. I made pancakes for brunch too, it was the best and set us up for an afternoons walking. We took a ride out to Strumpshaw Fen run by the RSPB. We walked for a couple of hours following the trails, stopped off at a hide and relaxed in the breezy shade. There will be photos to follow on this one. It was a lovely walk. I feel thoroughly relaxed after this weekend and the only thing I could want is just more of it!

I also had some time to finally get the invites together. around 80% are now fully addressed and all ready except postage stamps. I even printed labels with our address for envelopes I’ve placed inside to return to us. Then I realised, no directions. Most people can find dragon hall but, we’ve also not said where or what we want as presents etc. Scotty has said he will set up a web site with password access just for this, so mail me if you want the password, the web site will be: http://www.indifference-engine.com/wedding Except its not live yet. Its not been made yet but it will be.. oh yes watch this space.

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  1. reading this post was like reading a chapter out of a Jane Austin book- seems so beautiful but yet unreal.

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