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bank holidays make for productive knitting

May 26, 2008

This scarf is coming along nicely although slowly on 3mm needles. So far I’ve not spotted a single mistake. I’m very proud of that.

These socks are now off the needles and waiting for me to weave in the ends.

and I’ve started a shawl in Colinette Tao. I now have 6 hanks of 50g a total of over 700yards. Plus its nearly DK in size on 5mm needles will make a HUGE and cuddly lace shawl. I’m working on a make it up as I go along. When do I ever do anything else. The basic start is filched from Victorian Lace today Spider shawl.

I’ve shopped and cleaned a little, made more bread and generally relaxed. Scotty and I went for another walk around whitlingham lane and tried to find some of the more out of the way bits that are less known.

Oh and our cats are most fun. Still very playful although having a dire bout of the farts. They mew so cutely and beckon you close then let a silent deadly one rip. I defy you to find a more offensive bodily odour.

Otis has been on hand, or paw supplying tissue.

And Jasper has been attempting to fit in to a small paper bag. he’s not that small, now nicknamed STURDY because of his girth.

such darlings!