I’m boring…

May 30, 2008

The week was ticking over me getting more and more tired. Hayfever still an issue and fine when it rains but as soon as the rain stops I can feel my eyelids puffing up. I feel rather unattractive because of things like this. Last night I cooked dinner as usual. It tasted fine and Scott was fine so I cant tell if it was that. Then at 3am I woke up feeling queasy and unable to avoid the feeling. I was mighty sick and had to then sleep in the spare room so I did not wake scotty whilst suffering from the after gulps.

So I took that day off I’ve been needing. I’ve sat on the sofa all day. I’ve achieved NOTHING and even napped. I’ve allowed myself to be as lazy as I need to be to feel better again. I’m mostly there but the one thing I forget is that when you puke it does several things like wrenches muscles and makes everything ache.

I just wish I had more positive things to write. Its been nice spending the day around the cats, I have nothing major to complain about but with wedding plans stalled waiting for the end of June before it all starts to kick off I feel a little lost in no mans land and it makes me feel like I’m a bit too boring to blog about.

There is one small blogable item I’ve been saving, if it could be called that. I love the detritus of life that washes up on Magdalen Street in Norwich. Its all there. A few weeks back I was walking to work and saw two people with white sticks and dark glasses standing at the crossing. One was definitely being lead by the other being hooked on their arm. The irony…


  1. That makes me think of that saying” in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”

  2. There was a film at Cannes recently, called Blindness. Without wanting to spoil the plot – a disease rips through the population causing blindness. The day is saved by a woman who is apparently immune to the disease.

    I couldn’t help thinking that the day would be more likely to be saved by the hundreds of thousands of pre-existing blind people who already know how to manage life with a visual impairment because they’ve lived with it for years.

    And, having learnt how to get around the barriers posed to a blind person in a sighted world, it only makes sense to teach those skills to other people who are newly finding themselves in the same boat. After all, how is a sighted person going to have any real understanding of the situation? The best teachers are the ones whose knowledge is first-hand.

  3. um thats far deeper than I ever thought. I just like the blind leading the blind in real life…

  4. It’s a mindset thing.

    Telethon mindset, Children In Need and all that, teaches us that oh, poor (insert) people, they are incapable of so many things and must be helped. You hear a horror story of how pitiful one person’s life is, see film of photogenic (insert) people gazing soulfully out of windows while an announcer says “with your help, Pinnochio could be a real boy” (ok that’s a paraphrase but you know what I mean). Us and Them, Helper and Helpee, Praiseworthy Benefactor and Grateful Charity Case.

    Social model says that we should abandon the premise that (insert) people are in some way inferior and constantly needing the help, intervention and guidance of the not-(insert). Instead, we accept that everyone has capacities and incapacities, strengths and weaknesses, things they do well and things they need help with. Then we make the effort not to place physical or social-attitude barriers in the way.

    Those that Can must help those that Can Not, but there needs to be an acceptance that every human being falls into both of those groups. Which, to ramble back to the point, means society learning to accept that a blind person can be a leader as well as the led.

    *for (insert), use ‘blind’, substitute ‘disabled’, ‘foreign’, ‘black’, ‘female’ or ‘old’. Some of these battles have already been fought, some are ongoing, and others are barely starting.

    God, this is far too heavy for a Sunday morning.

  5. I need a boring day. 🙂

    And I’m glad someone out there has a good explanation for the two blind people scene, because it was doing my head in “Ohmigod thats SO norwich I miss it!”

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