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the makings of drinks to come

June 30, 2008

So, Saturday Scotty and I took the walk in to town and we took his lomo film to be processed. The photos came out great, go and take a look. (link on bottom right of this page)

are you back now? good. I made him buy a Tuxedo for our work party this Friday night. Two suits in as many months, what have I done to my man!! I’m sure he will cope. We know it is an investment because if it lasts two years we get our money back in rental alone.

Sunday morning we went to my brothers house. They were having a village fete on the green near his house, well not that near but as norfolk villages go it was cute and a nice walk along back roads. The fete consisted of no more than 10 stalls, a tea room made of the town hall which was a very old corrugated iron shack. We sat out with the whole family and had a picnic. Good times. We all hung about for a bit then when we went back to my brothers house they showed me the elderflower champagne they were making. I picked some flowers on the ride home, pulling up where possible to pick a few heads. Got home, nipped back out to the shops and tried to get lemons and sugar. I got the sugar but for the life of me could not find any lemons. I bought limes and a pink grapefruit instead. I made around 5 litres of champagne to be, and also added a bit of ginger for a nice more rounded brew, as it has fruity limes and pink grapefruit. I think its nice that I’ve tried something different by making a beverage that will be ready in a couple of weeks, but also that it will not be the same as my brothers!

So, the quest goes on, when will I ever follow a pattern or recipe properly? most likely never.

OOHH and we booked our cats in to a cattery for the duration of our honeymoon. It has been reccomended as one of the very best in Norfolk. They will be spoiled!


what knitting content?

June 27, 2008

ok I’ve been holding back. I’ve not taken nearly enough photos of my knits in progress. I will hopefully rectify that over the weekend. I went to knit night again last night. I stayed till 10pm! That is so late for me on a school night, I’m such a sleepy bear if I’m out past 10pm. No matter, it was enjoyable and much nattering ensued with a start of a new pair of socks. The scarf I was working on for a work friend has been completed and she has taken it from me before I could wash and block it. She loved it just as it was and I just could not hold it from her. She knows it is hand wash and must treat it with care. I will miss the smooshy softness of the silk cashmere posh yarn. I need to get hold of some more but recently it has been too popular to be able to press my buttons quick enough to buy. Plus everyone who knits deserves to have a chance to get hold of some posh, so I wait, miss the sale and kick myself later.

Ah, for those of you who know about our wedding and have a much coveted invite, on the back is a web address. Firstly I added a user name and password to hide the details from the general Internet so that we could make sure nobody uninvited turned up and gate crashed. Scotty has not set up that side of the web site so all user names and passwords can be ignored. The web site however has some info in it now. I’ve added a couple of little snippets of basic information and asked all attending to let me know if they need any more information. Please feel free to visit. I put out the same request here, IF there is ANYTHING at all you want to know about my wedding to Scott Jon Matthews (studlet and general swoonworthy manbeast) Please feel free to ask via comment or email or any other form of communication. All those who got invites also have our phone number, our address and a myriad of ways of getting in contact. I’d also like to hear from anyone who would like to come whom we have missed off our very short list of guests. As we are arranging a 3 stage entrance system I’m sure there is a time and a place for you if you let me know. I just cant be trusted to think of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I’m just not that brainy.

Finally on to Mum, I had a good chat with her this morning and she is a bit better and due for an appointment with a Macmillan nurse. She is fit enough to have a break from Chemotherapy for a while and is able to potter about and sounds better on the phone too but it is still a case of see how things go as the cancer is a triple negative aggressive cancer. Anyway I hope you all have as good a weekend as I am intending on having shopping and seeing my family. See you soon.


glorious saturday lazy sunday

June 23, 2008

I was up reasonably early on Saturday with a need to go shopping. My trainers have been wrecked since the visit to Alton Towers and got wet all the way through. I also needed a new dress or two for parties that are coming up. I decided to hit the town with Money that Scotty gave me towards the honeymoon. So I bought two dresses and a pair of trainers and walked for MILES around town. Then I was slightly late for my dress fitting appointment which went really well. I was pinned in to a corset shape built out of strong dress makers fabric for making patterns. We chatted about the design, it was very enjoyable and left me very happy about the dress and although its still in early stages, the progress is still good.

I got home and had to get a shower and doll myself up for the evening. Scotty and I went to a wedding reception for a good friend at work. It was a lovely doo, with fish and chips for everyone and a chocolate fountain on the go too. It was nice to see some colleagues and their other halves, so that they can be invited to our party too.

We got home reasonably early but stayed up way too late… Sunday I woke up and after standing in heels all evening, standing to have my dress fitting and walking all morning I felt quite seized up. I very happily had a quick trip to the shops for food and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I chatted with my sister and brother an Mum too. This is where it hurts. Mum is not well, she has canceled the last step of her chemo because its is not working. Mum said that she wanted to be as fit as she could be for my wedding, for her little girl. It is taking it out of her and not achieving the results we need.  This has near broken my heart because I have not seen her in too long. I need to be closer to her as time is slipping and we are very unsure as to what is going on and what we can expect for her time left. The worst thing was listening to her breathless on the phone because the cancer is in her lungs. Watching or even hearing someone you care about so much suffering is probably the most painful bit of the situation. She is surviving for me, for our family and hopefully there will be something else out there we can do but for now its recovery until the wedding so that she can have a good time too. I feel for Dad in this situation too, he has to be there and look after her and watch it all happen. I don’t know what else to say, or do, apart from I do know I need to see her soon and give as much time as I can to being there, sharing and enjoying her company.



June 20, 2008

I made it to knit club last night. I wish now that I made the effort more often. The sun was streaming through the large windows in the forum and we all sat supping the beverages of our own choice and enjoying knit chatter. Discussing yarn weights and types of fibers and showing off all of our knitting to each other. It was so much fun. More fun than asking Scotty what he thinks of what I am knitting. He is lovely but does not understand like another knitter does. I did take my little camera but I forgot to take any photos. People were totally confused by my two up at the same time socks from toe to cuff. I promised next time I’m there I’ll start a pair with them so that they can see how it is done. It makes me understand that I may just be a bit more talented than I thought I was, although there were some new knitters there, some were quite experienced and its a lovely mix of young and old.



June 18, 2008

well I feel a lot better. I still have sore shoulders but what can you do when you spend all day at a desk… I do stretch and go walk about a fair bit. It helps.

I’m trying to get organized and I cant wait for Scotty to buy the new iphone so that I can have his old one. I’m yet to figure out quite which sim to use, to get a new o2 one or try and hack the phone for my virgin sim. Anyways round I’m rather looking forward to having it. I needs it to sort me out. I’ve got accounts coming out of my ears for work and home and I so want to make sure I have everything in one place and an auto calendar to tell me when I need to get things like car tax or renew my web address. The small things that could pass you by or even sneak up on you with a hefty bill if you don’t do them correctly. I’ve found it pays to be planned out. Its not my natural state of being but it helps sooooooo much to make me feel like I am achieving and getting stuff done that needs to be done. I’ve changed my car in sewer ants. (any chance to use a Pratchett joke) and saved myself £100. Although its still £300 but that’s because I moved to a new car this year.

I’m looking forward to Saturday which is my first dress appointment in a long time and also a friends wedding reception. I need a new dress for that too, and for the office summer ball coming up too. I’ve got a feeling that its all going to get busy from here on in. We need to get Scotty a tux… I’ve heard that you can get one for £75 in M&S… Hopefully we’ll hunt for that too!

Plus I’m desperate to see my family, especially my sister. I’ve asked her to be maid of honour and look after me on my wedding day and I’ve not been able to make much time for her and her kids recently. This makes me feel bad. I’m not sure how but I will do something about that too.

Knitting is going fine. I’ve just rested recently as I don’t want another frozen or trapped nerve in my shoulder again any time soon.


not appy

June 16, 2008

So, getting over the cold and I thought on Friday night it was all over and I could get on with having a weekend. Nope. Sorry, I spent it on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. To start with I woke up on Saturday and I trapped a nerve in my shoulder. It took me till mid afternoon to put that right. Thank God for massages and Ibuprofen. I knitted a little and generally sat about feeling useless. Sunday I managed to clean the cooker but also then had an upset tummy, and a headache because my sinuses had just seized from the cold and hay fever. Another day lost to the sofa. Except because it was fathers day I missed seeing my folks. I did not fancy driving and ending up hurting my shoulder again and I also struggled to focus on the laptop at all to get anything else done. Head ache from hell. So yeah I feel upset, lost and reet fed up. I lost my weekend, missed my family and all I want to do this morning is cry. Except I’m back at work with a smile for everyone just as if nothing happened. Please world, give me a break already. Next weekend is going to be busy. We have a wedding invite and I have to go to a dress fitting.

One good thing happened. I ordered some lace weight yarn and it arrived at work this morning all the way from California. If you spot me hugging it, its for my own sanity. Please just walk away before I explode on you in tears. (can you tell I have my period too?)


if not already melted

June 12, 2008

in a pile of snot, I am now melted in a pile of awwww cute.

good enough to cheer any soul, cute overload featured Lion cub cam. Be warned it is SO CUTE it could burn your fingers.

In other news the service went fine on the car. I managed to get home before the council had left our close, some of our neighbours have been making it known that we struggle for parking in our “new” close. Bad planning and people using our parking from sprowston road have caused all sorts of hell for picking up rubbish and recycling. Plus then the builders on top and most houses having 2 or MORE cars. I had a great chat with them and they were very understanding saying that as this close was commissioned by the council and it is their fault they did not plan for access better or stop plans going ahead because of access they will hopefully be able to add double yellows to small sections of the close so that I can park my car in my garage and still get in and out without being blocked on a regular basis. They would not normally allow for a sub area like this to be painted all over but as its their fault I often have issue parking even in my own garage they will hopefully sort it all out. Shame its going to take until at least spring time next year to sort out. Still I am amazed at the work put in by neighbours to get the council on site to assist and talk with us about the situation. I must admit I’m very impressed with our street neighbours, they have all been very nice and if any have blocked me in, they have always moved when ever I have needed them to. Then our next door neighbour had cut back a bush that was causing me hay fever hell because I’d been nice about them blocking me several times. I really like living there and feel safe with the neighbours we have.

Once I did get in the front door I collapsed, Slept the whole evening except when Scotty brought me dinner in bed. What a wonderful man. He made a Delicious hot curry, filled with perfectly cooked veg. I am very glad I’m marrying this man. He so knows how to look after me when I’m ill.