not appy

June 16, 2008

So, getting over the cold and I thought on Friday night it was all over and I could get on with having a weekend. Nope. Sorry, I spent it on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. To start with I woke up on Saturday and I trapped a nerve in my shoulder. It took me till mid afternoon to put that right. Thank God for massages and Ibuprofen. I knitted a little and generally sat about feeling useless. Sunday I managed to clean the cooker but also then had an upset tummy, and a headache because my sinuses had just seized from the cold and hay fever. Another day lost to the sofa. Except because it was fathers day I missed seeing my folks. I did not fancy driving and ending up hurting my shoulder again and I also struggled to focus on the laptop at all to get anything else done. Head ache from hell. So yeah I feel upset, lost and reet fed up. I lost my weekend, missed my family and all I want to do this morning is cry. Except I’m back at work with a smile for everyone just as if nothing happened. Please world, give me a break already. Next weekend is going to be busy. We have a wedding invite and I have to go to a dress fitting.

One good thing happened. I ordered some lace weight yarn and it arrived at work this morning all the way from California. If you spot me hugging it, its for my own sanity. Please just walk away before I explode on you in tears. (can you tell I have my period too?)

One comment

  1. Aw, honey, that sounds lousy. Poor you.

    Hug that yarn tight, and eat chocolate (but don’t get it on the yarn!)


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