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June 18, 2008

well I feel a lot better. I still have sore shoulders but what can you do when you spend all day at a desk… I do stretch and go walk about a fair bit. It helps.

I’m trying to get organized and I cant wait for Scotty to buy the new iphone so that I can have his old one. I’m yet to figure out quite which sim to use, to get a new o2 one or try and hack the phone for my virgin sim. Anyways round I’m rather looking forward to having it. I needs it to sort me out. I’ve got accounts coming out of my ears for work and home and I so want to make sure I have everything in one place and an auto calendar to tell me when I need to get things like car tax or renew my web address. The small things that could pass you by or even sneak up on you with a hefty bill if you don’t do them correctly. I’ve found it pays to be planned out. Its not my natural state of being but it helps sooooooo much to make me feel like I am achieving and getting stuff done that needs to be done. I’ve changed my car in sewer ants. (any chance to use a Pratchett joke) and saved myself £100. Although its still £300 but that’s because I moved to a new car this year.

I’m looking forward to Saturday which is my first dress appointment in a long time and also a friends wedding reception. I need a new dress for that too, and for the office summer ball coming up too. I’ve got a feeling that its all going to get busy from here on in. We need to get Scotty a tux… I’ve heard that you can get one for £75 in M&S… Hopefully we’ll hunt for that too!

Plus I’m desperate to see my family, especially my sister. I’ve asked her to be maid of honour and look after me on my wedding day and I’ve not been able to make much time for her and her kids recently. This makes me feel bad. I’m not sure how but I will do something about that too.

Knitting is going fine. I’ve just rested recently as I don’t want another frozen or trapped nerve in my shoulder again any time soon.