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June 27, 2008

ok I’ve been holding back. I’ve not taken nearly enough photos of my knits in progress. I will hopefully rectify that over the weekend. I went to knit night again last night. I stayed till 10pm! That is so late for me on a school night, I’m such a sleepy bear if I’m out past 10pm. No matter, it was enjoyable and much nattering ensued with a start of a new pair of socks. The scarf I was working on for a work friend has been completed and she has taken it from me before I could wash and block it. She loved it just as it was and I just could not hold it from her. She knows it is hand wash and must treat it with care. I will miss the smooshy softness of the silk cashmere posh yarn. I need to get hold of some more but recently it has been too popular to be able to press my buttons quick enough to buy. Plus everyone who knits deserves to have a chance to get hold of some posh, so I wait, miss the sale and kick myself later.

Ah, for those of you who know about our wedding and have a much coveted invite, on the back is a web address. Firstly I added a user name and password to hide the details from the general Internet so that we could make sure nobody uninvited turned up and gate crashed. Scotty has not set up that side of the web site so all user names and passwords can be ignored. The web site however has some info in it now. I’ve added a couple of little snippets of basic information and asked all attending to let me know if they need any more information. Please feel free to visit. I put out the same request here, IF there is ANYTHING at all you want to know about my wedding to Scott Jon Matthews (studlet and general swoonworthy manbeast) Please feel free to ask via comment or email or any other form of communication. All those who got invites also have our phone number, our address and a myriad of ways of getting in contact. I’d also like to hear from anyone who would like to come whom we have missed off our very short list of guests. As we are arranging a 3 stage entrance system I’m sure there is a time and a place for you if you let me know. I just cant be trusted to think of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I’m just not that brainy.

Finally on to Mum, I had a good chat with her this morning and she is a bit better and due for an appointment with a Macmillan nurse. She is fit enough to have a break from Chemotherapy for a while and is able to potter about and sounds better on the phone too but it is still a case of see how things go as the cancer is a triple negative aggressive cancer. Anyway I hope you all have as good a weekend as I am intending on having shopping and seeing my family. See you soon.