the makings of drinks to come

June 30, 2008

So, Saturday Scotty and I took the walk in to town and we took his lomo film to be processed. The photos came out great, go and take a look. (link on bottom right of this page)

are you back now? good. I made him buy a Tuxedo for our work party this Friday night. Two suits in as many months, what have I done to my man!! I’m sure he will cope. We know it is an investment because if it lasts two years we get our money back in rental alone.

Sunday morning we went to my brothers house. They were having a village fete on the green near his house, well not that near but as norfolk villages go it was cute and a nice walk along back roads. The fete consisted of no more than 10 stalls, a tea room made of the town hall which was a very old corrugated iron shack. We sat out with the whole family and had a picnic. Good times. We all hung about for a bit then when we went back to my brothers house they showed me the elderflower champagne they were making. I picked some flowers on the ride home, pulling up where possible to pick a few heads. Got home, nipped back out to the shops and tried to get lemons and sugar. I got the sugar but for the life of me could not find any lemons. I bought limes and a pink grapefruit instead. I made around 5 litres of champagne to be, and also added a bit of ginger for a nice more rounded brew, as it has fruity limes and pink grapefruit. I think its nice that I’ve tried something different by making a beverage that will be ready in a couple of weeks, but also that it will not be the same as my brothers!

So, the quest goes on, when will I ever follow a pattern or recipe properly? most likely never.

OOHH and we booked our cats in to a cattery for the duration of our honeymoon. It has been reccomended as one of the very best in Norfolk. They will be spoiled!

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  1. That cattery is great! And queit reasonable on the wallet, as you can pay as much as that round here! they will be very spoilt and forget your name by the time its hometime as the birds will give them endless fun!

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