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back at my desk

June 11, 2008

My recovery from travel should be over. I should have been able to cope and blog yesterday or the day before after all that went on. Nope. I pushed it just a widdle bit too far. I am now FULL of cold, streaming snot and having to come to work because I’ve had too much holiday/sickness already this month. Plus I had to take the car in for service today. I just cant wait for the £120 bill at the end of today.

Yesterday I took the cats to the vets. It is official Jasper is a fatty. Otis is well and they are both fine really. Jasper’s fatness is down to his allergies and being snipped. He does not appear to be getting any wider so I think we’re on top of things for now. I dropped a piece of raw pasta the other day and he ate it. He is a total carb freak, addicted to what does him no good at all. Still he’s cute though, with a very girly meow. They both seem to have enjoyed the time at my brothers house, although they did not get enough time to completely get used to the place. They were not scared and were good with the kids. I’m not sure my brother wants my cats for a whole two weeks over late august, we’ll have to see. Still at least their jabs are up to date and I’m down another £55… them cats are not cheap!

So, on to Alton Towers. It was stunningly sunny, a lovely day, except the waiting around which could not be avoided. One of the rides broke down whilst we were queueing and it took over 1 1/2 hours to spend all of 1 minute on air. Shame. We shot zombies with lasers, squirted pirates and got wet, rode nemesis and oblivion, got wet in bathtubs on the flume and went on the sky car. Oh and Hex, which was very entertaining because we totally did not know what to expect. Sorry, but being so snot ridden you can find the photos via my flickr link over there.

We drove back from 6pm on Sunday and stopped at Corley services to meet up with Mary and Steve. It was great to see Mary, it had been a fair while. I plied her with spare stash so that she can keep knititng until kingdom come. We ate and relaxed and it was the best break from driving I could have had. We got back about midnight on Sunday, then the builders started first thing, then our neighbours were decking their back garden all day. The issue is I just did not catch up on my sleep and it has made me mrs grumpy.


long distance clara

June 9, 2008

I just LOVED pigeon street when I was a kid, and after any long road trip I feel like long distance clara.

I’m just about to go and pick up the cats to make it 453 miles covered in 48 hours. Thats just road driving and not including the walks around Alton Towers and the miles on the rides too. It was great, I’ll explain more later. I want my cats back. I just hope they have not trashed my brothers house 😀



June 5, 2008

If I was in a bakery I would be the fastest one there. here, and gone. Well not really but I do feel like my mind is working trying to figure out several things at once. Its quite nice right now because I do feel in charge of what I should be doing.

Firstly because I’ve just got it all sorted I want to write down the things I need to do. I find it helps to have dates written down. Except I hate using the wall calendar, I want to have one on my phone that works but I’ve still not got a new phone. I just don’t want to spend the cash. Anyway… I was listing.

cats are booked in to the vet for Tuesday at 10.40, I have the day off. I also have Monday off but we need to pick up the cats then.. which means they are spending their first weekend away from home. Last weekend Scotty and I stayed over at my brothers, which meant our catlings were left home alone all night for the first time. They coped fine. This time they are going to my brothers house and we are going to Alton Towers. YAY!

So Saturday, deliver cats, drive up north. Sunday PLAY! and maybe visit friends on the way home. Oh and the car is booked in for a service on Wednesday. Then I’ve got car insurance to sort out. Um and I’m sure the wedding will catch up with me at some point. I’m still thinking on that one swearing I’ve missed something but I’m sure I don’t know any more.

I do know some invites have not gone out yet.. I must get to them. Oh and must set the burglar alarm. First time we’ve used that too.


here be dragons.. no sorry, falcons.

June 4, 2008

This photo was taken by my good friend and colleague Robin this is why it is not linked to anywhere. Yesterday and also today we have visiting falcons at work. “But I hear you work for an accountancy firm” I hear you say. Well yes I do sorta if you understand the ins and outs of contracting, but this gentleman and his stunning bird are brought in by the company next door to complete a pigeon cull. I’ve been told there will be two birds about today, and I’ve not brought my camera. Damn damn damn. At least I have some evidence there are strange birds in the sky today. The pigeons may be for it but it sure upset the black birds in the bushes too. Still my friend Miwa is a bit sad that stumpy her most friendly pigeon is gone.


family fun

June 2, 2008

Saturday we went to see my parents, took a walk on the sea front and sat for a good hour in the sunshine in my parents garden. I am slightly worried about my mum at the moment but I dont feel that this is the best place to discuss it right now. I still think she’s trying too hard with the new house. Anyway from visiting them we went over to my brothers house and had a bbq. The kids were so cute and lovely. I had a beer, just the one, so we stayed over night and came back in the morning. I never drink and drive even if I am under the limit

Sunday was sleepy but that is also not surprising as the anex is comfortable at my brothers place but I never sleep well away from my own bed. Today I went back to work and got in to find a packet of malteasers on my desk. Someone said thank you for helping them. It made me so very happy, just for doing my job.

Then because I was off on Friday there was a blue screened PC waiting for me. I managed to fix that fine by replacing a hard disk except this one thing. My customer had not backed up for about a week and had some very important data. I never saw someone so upset. I gave her a hug as we left work. I just hope I can recover her data, this girl is very lovely and does not deserve to cry because she lost her work due to sheer bad luck. What an emotional roller coaster of a day!