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here be dragons.. no sorry, falcons.

June 4, 2008

This photo was taken by my good friend and colleague Robin this is why it is not linked to anywhere. Yesterday and also today we have visiting falcons at work. “But I hear you work for an accountancy firm” I hear you say. Well yes I do sorta if you understand the ins and outs of contracting, but this gentleman and his stunning bird are brought in by the company next door to complete a pigeon cull. I’ve been told there will be two birds about today, and I’ve not brought my camera. Damn damn damn. At least I have some evidence there are strange birds in the sky today. The pigeons may be for it but it sure upset the black birds in the bushes too. Still my friend Miwa is a bit sad that stumpy her most friendly pigeon is gone.


family fun

June 2, 2008

Saturday we went to see my parents, took a walk on the sea front and sat for a good hour in the sunshine in my parents garden. I am slightly worried about my mum at the moment but I dont feel that this is the best place to discuss it right now. I still think she’s trying too hard with the new house. Anyway from visiting them we went over to my brothers house and had a bbq. The kids were so cute and lovely. I had a beer, just the one, so we stayed over night and came back in the morning. I never drink and drive even if I am under the limit

Sunday was sleepy but that is also not surprising as the anex is comfortable at my brothers place but I never sleep well away from my own bed. Today I went back to work and got in to find a packet of malteasers on my desk. Someone said thank you for helping them. It made me so very happy, just for doing my job.

Then because I was off on Friday there was a blue screened PC waiting for me. I managed to fix that fine by replacing a hard disk except this one thing. My customer had not backed up for about a week and had some very important data. I never saw someone so upset. I gave her a hug as we left work. I just hope I can recover her data, this girl is very lovely and does not deserve to cry because she lost her work due to sheer bad luck. What an emotional roller coaster of a day!