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another one gone quickly

July 7, 2008

Friday night was FAB. One very nice party, relaxed and very enjoyable. The theme was an Oscars style party with everyone dressed up smart and spangly. I thoroughly enjoyed my self and Scotty looked like he had a good time too. Both of us wore our wedding shoes to test them out and make sure we could stand on them for our wedding. It worked well and we both feel comfortable with them. See flickr for photos of us, they were taken by

Saturday was a day of recovery because we stayed up late. Scotty had a little hang over and I drove because it was easier and cheaper than getting a cab. I had another dress fitting. I’m loving how things are coming along. I feel like we may be a bit behind but it will all come together.

Sunday I was meant to go and see Mum again but with no material to take her and a list as long as my arm with chores and things I needed to get done I canceled. Scotty and I went in to town for lunch, I handed over my engagement ring to the jewelers I bought it from so that it can be cleaned up and made beautiful to match the new wedding ring. Plus the wedding ring can now be sized to match the engagement ring so that they sit flush on my finger. I told them exactly what I want and I have to wait now for a quote. My finger feels so bare! I nevr thought I’d get so very attached to it but now I am without I miss it.

Once we got back I started felting. I made 4 A4 size sheets of felt with varying degrees of success. I think I may have left it a bit late to complete my flowers. I’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m also stuck with a pair of socks after toe completion. I’m loath to follow anyone elses pattern and my pattern making mojo seems to have left me standing. I’m chock full of good ideas but unable to get them in to the fabric of the sock the way I want them. Oh well, they can wait.