July 8, 2008

Had a long day yesterday. Visited Cambridge for work early which is a much nicer trip in our Civic than it ever was in the Jazz. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the evening. But this proves I was tired for a reason.

Firstly I went to pick Scotty up from the train station. The train was late, I forgot my phone so I just had to hang about until he turned up. No biggie, just another waste of time.

I decided to make Chile con quorn when we got in, to have with Jacket spuds. Our microwave has some odd jacket spud setting which makes nice spuds. We got that going.

I started making the Chile con quorn and as I turned to face the bottles of Elderflower that I had made one of them exploded, right in front of me. Thing is, even though it exploded, its gone, vamoosed, disappeared. We now have 4.5 bottles full of elderflower but not a bottle top, or plastic casing or any part of the exploding bottle remains. Absolutely nothing. Its a complete mystery and I’m at a loss to how me, the window, the blind, the wall, the floor, the kitchen cabinets, coffee machine, cooker, and even the sink 3ft away could be covered in slightly yeasty booze which appeared to be a whole bottles worth and the bottle has gone *poof*. I stood there bemused for a good 3 minutes, dripping. There are dark forces here at work.

So, the Chile con quorn was placed on hold whilst we cleaned up and the bottles are now ensconced in the down stairs bathroom shower. They cant escape any more. We had jacket spuds with stuff from the fridge and after eating I started cooking all the Chile con quorn that I had prepped earlier. I’ve left it half cooked on the cooker, sealed in the pot by condensation. Tonight it will be heated until it all becomes a wonderful amalgum of proper veggie Chile con quorn flavours that have marinated over night. Nothing is lost, except for that bottle.


  1. It exploded?! what?
    I am having chilli con quorn tonight, i make mine with 5 bean exotic mix to give it a bit more texture – yum

  2. I think my brew is potent, and the yeast is still trying to ferment in a sealed environment. Fizzy booze is known to explode which is why champagne has fat corks and a thick glass. I’m very glad I didn’t go and get glass bottles. I would have had shards poking out of my eye and face and chest. Then I rubbed my eye to get rid of the yeastyness to only rub it with a finger I had been holding chilies with. DOH!

  3. Are you sure the explosion wasn’t related to the chilli? ;-P

    Elderflower champers is well known for its explosive behaviour. Obviously some kind of pressure-relief valve..

    I remember back when Eat Naturally was still going, they did Elderflower Champagne. I remember a bottle being brought to our table and exploding just before it got to us – the table next to us and the waiter were drenched. Nobody hurt, luckily.

  4. Oh no!! I wonder where the bottle went?!

    Speaking of River Cottage produce… my friend has just drawn my attention to this:




  6. Exploded all over you?! Woah, weird. Call in CSI, that’s my advice 😉

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