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who feels like a big pillock?

July 9, 2008

*raises hand*

Oh yes. Firstly before I tell you why I’m a pillock, let me inform you that I found my bottle. It had wedged itself in a cavity between a wall and the kitchen cupboard. The bottle had broken on the bottom and propelled itself upwards in to the cavity. Very impressive. The bottle has been retrieved all in one piece.

I fell up the stairs. At work, in socks, very slippery new knee socks which are shiny and slippery. I banged up my big toe so well I was worried there for a moment that I might have broken it. Now already I can see the bruising coming out. Do I feel stupid? YES. Do I look stupid? YES. Is the office laughing at me? Most likely yes, but they are accountants and I’ve learned over the years they are great at laughing quietly and great at hiding things in numbers.