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mc limpy reporting for duty.

July 14, 2008

Thursday I drove over to Cambridge and managed to do a whole days work and still borrow a colleagues bus pass to get in to Cambridge. I needed to get to the mac store. My mac is now fully fixed with a new working battery YAY! and all for free because it was on a re-call list. Knit night seemed too much of a bind and I needed to rest.

Friday was a bit frustrating. I had to drive in to the office and drive home. It was easier than walking. I really did myself some damage. At least not enough to stop me working or doing much. I went to the walk in center on Thursday night and they confirmed it was ok but would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. Just a bit worrying as I’m getting married in 6 weeks now, or is it 5… I’m confused.
Saturday was spent on the sofa bimbling about and achieving very little. The whole day rest was worth it because after hurting my toe it swelled up and this gave it a chance to calm down a little.
Yesterday I visited mum and dad, stole some lettuce and played with the twins. Tried on my bolero and sat out in the sun in their garden. Much fun.
I wish I had more to say but I’ve got to get my head in to my work. I’ve got Cambridge to look after still, and I must get serious about finalising weddingy things. I’m a bit flummoxed by it all right now. Almost scared that its all going to go tits up. I’m lost, confused and just cant wait for my honeymoon. I need the holiday now!