cats and spiders

July 17, 2008

YAY! now on to something much more light hearted.


socks are failing. I started a pair of Colinette jitterbug socks. I just cant get the gauge right. I will have to undo again and start again. I also cant decide on a pattern because I want to design my own. Overall I’m not too worried about doing them as I have lots more other things to do.

knitted shrug: I started a shrug with Colinette Tao, having spent around £80 on the 6 balls of pure silk. Its Delicious to work with and very enjoyable knit. So far I started with a pattern but greatly changed it as I went along. Its top down raglan and I am still yet to take photos of the progress. I have one ball hanging off the waist band and two hanging off the sleeves so that I can try it on as it is knit up so that it will fit as I knit. It gets very complicated keeping all 3 sections live and swapping over needles to work on each section. I’ve done the sleeves like I do socks, splitting under and over arm over two needles doing both at the same time so that they match.

started on my flowers

I’ve wrapped 7 wire stems in wool. That is all. I made some felt at the weekend, the hard work starts soon with double wrapping the stems with fiber and creating the petals ready for construction. Looks like Glue will be my friend in parts of this process but hopefully not that much that you will ever see it.

Now on to our darlings.

Last night I was just about to go to bed and brushing my teefs, I spotted a spider. Jasper was in the shower as usual cooling his nethers on the floor tray. Otis was looking around but missing it. I picked up Otis because he is the faster and more alert and pointed him at the spider. He missed it, I made the spider move, wished it a few good prayers and then pointed Otis at it again.

Otis chased it in to the corner and played with it. Sniffed it and used it as a toy, pouncing but being gentle enough that it was still able to try and make an escape. By this point Jasper’s interest was piqued. He came to join in and took over. He waddles and is quite clumsy with his size. He played a little but because of his very indelicate touch, soon dispatched the spider. pushing it around and then under the bath mat, he sat on it. I released the now soul bereft carcass of a spider from under the mat. Otis took over and tried playing again. On realising it was no longer he did what Otis always does and eats it first before anyone else gets a chance. They still looked for it after, giving me the look of where has my toy gone? These cats are great. I just love them and although I’ve never loved spiders I do not intentionally kill them myself but I will let my cats do it. It may sound mean but they are meat eaters and deserve a live toy or two occasionally because we don’t let them out. I’m very very glad I never get presents brought to me, and I suppose hopefully this will mean what presents they could bring will be eaten first before they have the chance.

One final thing, One of my LOVELY work colleagues whom I can definitely call a wonderful friend is arranging my hen party entirely for me so I don’t have to think about it. How cool is that? Vereh.


  1. Your kitties are so beautiful. Thank you for the pictures of them; prayers to your mother.

  2. I’ve never had a cat that would either catch or eat spiders, so I salute Otis and Jasper! Looking at them, you’d think that butter wouldn’t melt…

  3. Ooh! I found a pattern I want to do with the yarny you gave me… it’s in this book which happens to be authored by the lovely lady who runs my LYS/knitting group (which is why I got it). It’s slouchy socks with the slouch knitted into the pattern – hard to describe but maybe in a few months I’ll have pictures.

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