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Things are movnig on.

July 21, 2008

Friday was another day in Cambridge for work. Then back to Norwich for a short stint of out of hours work on Saturday morning. Everything went fine which is a great relief.

After that I met my sister and niece in town. We had a good old stomp around getting dresses sorted for the big day. I love the one my sister has got but she would like something a bit more gown like rather than an evening dress that could be worn for work sort of thing. I’m all for getting the most use out of things. Anyway, it was lovely and I enjoyed it loads except after a few hours my foot started to swell up again. After getting home and letting the kids play on the PS3 for a while my sister left and I got ready to head to the dress maker again.

All is looking very good in that department too. It is all starting to take shape and look very beautiful indeed, even though its all just mocked up in cotton right now. What with the foot pain and running around all day I struggled to stay chirpy and it rather hit me that I want and need my mum there with me for this. I love my ideas but I just want someone Else’s opinion on my dress and the one that counts more than any other for my wedding dress is my mums opinion. I’ve spoken to her about it and we will try and arrange a fitting around her.

Because of the swollen foot and general lack of good quality sleep over the past week I spent Sunday at home trying to achieve something, anything. Eggy bread brioche was a great start, warm, comforting and very tasty. I got out my felting kit and started on my flowers. I now have most of my stems pre-cut. around 1/3 are 1st stage wrapped. 1 is finished and one is near finished. The rest are still wires just dangling about. The good thing is I can weave them all in and out of each other and they will strengthen each other up and provide a handle without any other support. I wish I could explain better or show you but that would spoil the effect on the day. Then I made a Sunday roast with roasted veg and garlic and onions and peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli. Lashings of gravy and a quorn roast thingy. Heaven.

Finally today I paid off the honeymoon *ouch* and I found the favours which I think are just the right thing for us, and not as expensive as elsewhere I have found them on the net. Seed sticks will hopefully go down well.