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July 31, 2008

I forgot to say… Sunday. It was a scorcher and after a a hot few days the sea side seemed the place to go. Then it dawned on me, Sunday drivers, hot weather, Norfolk coast. Nah.. I love the Norfolk coast but not when its chock full of tourists and locals and the volume of traffic would be immense. I’ve been wanting to go to bewilderwood for some time. Scott and I needed some quality US time just hanging out with each other being happy. I decided not to call the family to supply kids for us to go adventuring with.

This was a small mistake. Once we got in we realised that this was meant for 10 year olds. We appeared to be the only two adults there without any children. Still though, after settling in and taking a good look around we decided to join in. We walked all over the climbing castles all made out of wood, had a go on the zip wires and large fast slides and shook the rope bridges putting each other off our stride. They have catered for kids so very well, from 3 to 14 it would be fantastic, lots of things to climb all over, and very creatively put together. So many kids there looked very happy. The ticket price was a bit steep at £10 per adult but I can see why it was worth it with kids. There was a cooling breeze bringing a slight smell of the coast and the entire adventure park is built under the shade of a forest. It was just the best place to be in the heat and after letting go of the fact we were totally behaving like we’d just regressed to the age of 10 we enjoyed every minute.

Absolutely one of the best ways to forget all your worries and take some time out to just be you and relax. We do have some photos, I’ll have to sort them out.