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July 3, 2008

on my mind at the moment. Wedding is starting to get serious. I’ve booked the last registrar’s appointment. My car insurance was sorted over 10 days ago but I’ve only just received no claims discount confirmation which I need to forward on, so there is that too. Then This weekend is very busy. Tonight is knit night and I’m loving going along, even missing heroes for it. I’ll just buy it later.

Friday night is the office summer ball and I get to wear my other new dress (CANT WAIT!!) Saturday I have another wedding dress appointment (expensive, well comparatively) Sunday I’m going to see mum to help her sew my bolero to go with my wedding dress. Um… I suppose I should be paying off Dragon hall and the honeymoon some point soon. I need some bottles for the elderflower champagne sitting on my stove in my 8L pan. It’s not full but I did get an organic lemon last night and added that and a bit more sugar. It is fizzing away very nicely indeed and I can smell the alcohol forming.

I’ve got to check the invites list at the earliest opportunity and confirm who we have and have not got coming and contact those we have missed so far and there are a few who we penciled in earlier which we have not got around to sending an invite to. Very bad of me… Still not the end of the world, the family all got their invites.

I’ve also got to get my mac to the mac store in Cambridge next week. My colleague is on holiday so I will be covering his office every other day and taking the opportunity to wonder in to Cambridge of a lunch and see to the battery problem.

And this is just the things I’ve remembered. I’m sure I’ve got more to sort out including cleaning and tidying and washing and all the usual stuff. I’ll let you know the other side of the weekend if I cope with all the excitement 🙂

OOOh and (I get a lot of these, I think its becoming a feature) I MUST get some photos and blog about our lovely kitties again soon. They are becoming incredibly loving and good fun. I’d like to share that with you.