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wool bouquet

August 17, 2008

Thanks to YoYo for her sublime merino carded fiber, hand dyed to my request.

PST… Sneaky peak. I’ve got too much to tell you, but it will all wait. Oh yes. I’m not a mrs yet but my hen night was lovely.
sorry got too much to do cheery bye!


curses… or maybe I am cursed?

August 14, 2008

but only very very lightly. I’m not taking any curse seriously, although quite seriously my poor little 2.5 yr old nephew just split his lip open this morning. News now is that he’s on the mend but had to go to hospital for emergency repair. It was bad enough that he had to be stitched back together by a plastic surgeon (so tempted to type sturgeon). I’ve been told he’s coming round ok after the general anaesthetic, and I can confirm he is JUST like his father, my big brother. Always getting in to the scrapes. He’s going to look an absolute picture on our wedding day! poor little mite, I just hope his bottom lip does not need to wobble for the next few weeks. PLEASE, nothing else now, I need a smooth ride up to the big day.


whoosh… all coming round a bit quick

August 14, 2008

Tuesday night was my last dress fitting. Mum and dad picked me up from work and we went over to the dress maker. I think the dress is truley beautiful. Although mum and dad were super tired they still said and looked like they loved the dress.

From here on in I’m not sure if I will be able to blog much at all. I’ll take notes and make sure I add them after the honeymoon but really, blogging is not top of my priority list.

Hopefully tonight I’ll pick up my dress, take it to my friends house for storage until the big day when she will take it to Dragon hall for me. This way I’ve not got it hanging about our house waiting for scotty to take a peek. Lunch time I have to order my flowers ready for next week. Its getting to the stage where we’re washing things ready to pack, looking out forms and documents and arranging all the little bits that we need. I’m so very glad that I’ve decided to spend the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding at home. It may sound strange but I am strongly attached to my pillow, and bed and comfort may just be one of those things that mean I can sleep properly avoiding any melt downs.

Later this evening I will try and make it to knit night and relax before my secret hen party on Friday night. Then I only have 3 days left of work next week before I get time off to complete everything. I feel like i’ve been saying we’re getting there for months now. Its still the case and I’m sure it will all be sorted just how it should be. I wont be able to make it to next Thursday’s knit night because the inlaws will be in town and Scotty has his stag doo.

I started a pair of socks for Scotty, He loves the very simple knit purl 3 x 3 square pattern I’ve added to the top of the foot. They are just getting to the part before gusset increase. I’ve not knit for a couple of nights because I asked him if he wanted to wear them on his wedding day. He said no because they are grey and not black. I fully understand and it takes the pressure off a little so I don’t have to get them done and I don’t intend on completing them either.

So yeah… see you some time in about a month, this way I’m not giving full details out on the net about when I’m going to be at home and not. I’m sure anyone with enough want and need to go and raid our house can figure it out, as well as where we live and what they can scope out, but I don’t want to give out ammo by saying I’m here or not here. We will have people checking on our house to make sure whilst we’re away. You never know I may be able to post again before I’m a Mrs but don’t wait, I’ll be off enjoying myself. I promise.

ps. Otis says mewpurrr, Jasper says burrruip, they will be off on their holidays soon too.


untypical blatherings

August 11, 2008

you can tell our cats are good English boys…. they queue for food. They have been super cute and lovely all weekend. Scotty weighed them both on our very dodgy bathroom scales. You have to weigh yourself first then hold the cat and work out the difference. He said Otis is (EDIT) 5lbs kilos and Jasper is 9lbs kilos. SEE COMMENTS—- CRIKEY.

I’ve got Scotty’s old iphone and we Scotty hacked it for me yesterday afternoon, so now I have a pineapple iphone on virgin. I tested this morning from the office and I can send and receive data. 46p per something, I think its per Kb and 6p per site visit. I need to run some tests on how economical it is. I also found I can use the “free” wireless visitor network of a company next door, but only if I turn towards the window. I loves it, it already has all my calendar, contacts on it. WordPress, facebook and games. I just have to be very careful not to knock the mail icon and connect and download info. I can see me using it rather a lot.

Other news this weekend… Well on Thursday night I missed knit night again but instead cast on for a pair of socks for Scotty. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute… I normally knit a pair of socks in a month, maybe longer. These are the largest socks I have ever knit too, size 10 male. I have less than two weeks left to complete them now and I’ve got about half way up the foot before gusset increases.

Apart from knitting I got the shopping in via a long and misguided stagger around the supermarket and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms like a daemon possessed. Well, I cleaned… and wiped and I’m sure this house gets bigger and dirtier on a daily basis. I hoovered up as much cat fluff as I could and filled the hoover twice.

It was not exactly a very eventful weekend, my dress fitting was canceled until Tuesday. We were due to go to my brothers house for a party but it threw it down with rain on Saturday night and my sofa and a pair of socks were more inviting than the woods and sleeping on the floor in his house. I feel a bit sad that we missed out but due to the docs putting me on the pill (I hate taking the pill or have done in the past but wedding consummation is definitely something I want to do properly if you know what I mean nudge wink) for a while I’ve had some funny head aches and I wanted to make sure that was just a quick blip and not a major problem. Amazingly all headaches have gone on Monday morning. How kind of them to fully explore their headache freedom over the weekend.

Finally I called our wedding planner which came free with Dragon hall today and we appear to be on track. I have a meeting with most of our people who are providing entertainment and or any other service for the day. I’ve mentioned cake knives, serviettes, favours and all of that sort of thing. We are on track for a ruddy great knees up. Woohoo!


If I could have just one wish

August 8, 2008

I would want my mum to be well enough to enjoy the wedding and be able to get up and have a dance and be the strong mum I always thought she was.

Two weeks ago, when the docs put mum on her third course of chemotherapy we were unsure and her health was so very bad that we were worried she’d have to go and have a nap and only turn up for the important parts. One thing I did not expect is that all the treatments are so very different in the way they deal with the cancer. Mum only had one session of that particular chemotherapy because it made her so very ill. The sheer exhaustion was just too much for her. Mum has since decided that she does not want to have any more chemotherapy because the recovery time appears to be longer than the time it buys her.

Mum has been getting better since the last treatment and due to being able to get about a bit more she had radiotherapy on Tuesday on one lump that was causing her movement issues in her shoulder. After this I think we all expected her to be ill again. Instead she took the advice a friend gave me about her mum in a very similar position. I asked mum to go for acupuncture. Mum had the acupuncture yesterday and when she came to deliver my bolero to work (yes it is stunningly beautiful), she looked well. Smiling with it, and not weighed down as much. I’m not sure quite what it has done but mum managed to get herself a suit yesterday for my wedding and some other things like a walk around Holt. Mum called last night and was so very happy over the phone. Excited too for probably the first time because she feels in herself that she can cope, and she will be able to fully enjoy the day.

I don’t want to count my chickens yet. I do understand that the cancer could still take her away from me without any major warning or she could last another few years. We have no idea. It just may be that she can keep it under control and manage to have one of the happiest days of her life. That’s what I want, for me, for her, for all of us and for now there is a very strong possibility that we have every chance of that happening.


getting things done

August 7, 2008

bar, paid for.

dragon hall paid for.

we went to the registrars this morning and paid for our marriage licence. Scotty’s ring turned up in the post this morning and I will see it when I get home from work.

Mum is popping to my work this afternoon, she’s finished my bolero and I cant wait to see it. Monday is the next time I get to sort out some more bits and pieces. I had a dress fitting last night. Its almost done, and looking stunning. I have one more fitting on Saturday. I’ve counted and I only have 9 more working days left. Suddenly its hit me, I can enjoy it now, I’m going to have fun from here on in and stop worrying about it all, its just going to happen and hopefully I’ll have everything sorted out just how I want it. I’m feeling very spoilt and very happy to get everything just the way I want it. I’ve even got helpers organized to assist setting up dragon hall. Scotty has even asked his brother to be best man and he has accepted. I honestly cant think of anything I have not covered so far which is why I’m happy. I like being organized.

Scotty and I worked on our wedding words the other night. I think we have exactly what we want. No readings and no long blatherings, just short and sweet, hopefully just like me! (yeah I accept my shortness, and I will be wearing heels to keep up with my big man.) So for you of a soppy disposition please read on… unless someone finds something horrendously wrong with what we’ve got we’re going with this as our ring words:
Thank you for taking me as I am; loving me, and allowing me into your heart. I promise to always love you, respect you as an individual, and to be faithful to you forever. Today I choose you to be my partner, and join myself with you for the rest of my life.

YAY! I can do it, I can organize my own wedding, and I can achieve what I intended oh so many months back. Now I can enjoy every minute and become the woman I want to be.



August 5, 2008

It seems all I’m doing around here is keeping you up to date as things have happened, maybe a few days late. I hope its ok by all of you because I certainly don’t have the brain meats to achieve much else right now. Google calendar is becoming my saviour as I’m nearly always near a computer or at worst Scotty’s iphone we have access to be able to use it like a proper diary and keep things noted ready for so many appointments! I’ve never had a diary like it and I doubt I will again. I’m trying to enjoy it while it happens.

Saturday I had another dress fitting. Its coming along nicely. The shoulder arm holes and that whatnot were all pinned in to place. I took a friend from work with me. It was a wise move, it was lovely to have company.

I Knitted a Calorimetry (ravelry link). I knitted nearly half of it and was disappointed in her style of short rows. I’m sure they are very good but I wanted to do it my way. HA, heard that before I hear you say. had to get gauge, so I knitted most of it before ripping out and doing it all again. Plus I didn’t want just ribbing across the top so I did some basic cables to create a diamond lattice. The new owner loves it already and even though I gave it to her before tying in the ends and taking any photos. She’s not quite sure how she would secure it. I think the next one I make will be with longer ends that look more like a bow tie to tie under the back of the neck.

Sunday was spent with the family at my brothers. The twins now have their own fortification in the woods. Its great, even bigjobs (nac-mac-feegle for large people) can fit down the spiral slide, with a little bending. We all played for a while and then went in when it started to rain. Luckily between the house and the driveway the house has a porch type area which protects from the rain. We were able to leave the men outside cooking a bbq in a thunder storm. It would just not be very British of us not to try and bbq in unfavourable weather. Mum had a nap on the sofa after taking some cough medicine, and I read the kids a good night story before they went to bed.

Last night I was falling asleep with a cat kneading my arse. Amazingly quite a nice experience… Both our cats are being super cute at the moment. Otis has taken to sitting in our hemp style shopping bag hoping I’ll pick him up as I walk out the door in the morning. I am finding I’m loving the bed sharing with cats much more than I ever should because I’m allergic. At least at this time of year they’ve stop molting so much and I’ve not got hay fever at the same time. Oh and jasper has taken to licking up balls of fur from the carpet and eating them. Which reminds me we need to hoover more. The thing is he must be built of hairballs because he’s never thrown one up and consumes so much fluff!

I think that’s enough of an update for now. Tonight Scotty and I need to finally decide on some “ring words” and all that kind of stuff for our registrars appointment later in the week. Busy busy busy!


If you see this man

August 1, 2008

tell him that he was caught on camera looking fabulous.

best photo I think I have ever taken of him. Very happy with it, and very happy to be marrying him in 21 days. Its all starting to fall in to place and become more real.

Visiting Mum yesterday was one of those things that needed to be done and I knew it was not going to be the easiest visit ever. Thing is by the end of it we were both grinning like loons and were both very very happy. A lot was said, a lot was dealt with. I’ve asked all the questions I needed to ask and she has said some of the items she needed to complete her stay in this world. Still she’s no where near gone yet, even though the doctor has given her a time line of around 3 months this means nothing because she has such determination to fight and be there for all of us. I want to see her make her 40th wedding aniversary which is December 7th.

Mum still needed to achieve a few things, I asked that question too, paring it down, ” what do you want to do? where do you want to go? and what is most important for you to achieve?” These were answered candidly as were questions about funerals and care and support and everything you could think of. One of the things mum wanted to achieve was my bolero to go with my wedding dress partly because mum made my sisters dress I did not want her left out from being creative with me for my wedding too. Just a shrug, not that much sewing but as mum has the talent all she needed was the energy and support to get it done. Of course I obliged and enjoyed every single second of working together with her. Finally after getting most of the sewing done and seeing the way forward to complete it mum sat for a rest, with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.

After having all that chemotherapy and feeling so very ill for so very long it was that sense of achievement that we got together that mum has missed in her life. Dad also had time to himself going to appointments and playing a round of golf. True relaxation for him too knowing that mum was safe with me. I also said to Dad, he needs to talk to us more. He’s a wonderful man but keeps too quiet.

The only thing that takes my smile away, that stops me being so wonderfully joyous at what we have shared is knowing that it will all have to end. We all know it will, and taking away someone so very special to me, someone very supportive and understanding and loving and caring and I could go on for a whole page extolling her virtues, even though she’s not perfect I could make you see that I could not have asked for a better mum ever. I still find it not fair and I want to scream from the rooftops that they WILL NOT and SHOULD NOT take my mummy away. I just have to count that I am lucky to have someone to care about and share with, even if I don’t get to keep her forever.