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August 5, 2008

It seems all I’m doing around here is keeping you up to date as things have happened, maybe a few days late. I hope its ok by all of you because I certainly don’t have the brain meats to achieve much else right now. Google calendar is becoming my saviour as I’m nearly always near a computer or at worst Scotty’s iphone we have access to be able to use it like a proper diary and keep things noted ready for so many appointments! I’ve never had a diary like it and I doubt I will again. I’m trying to enjoy it while it happens.

Saturday I had another dress fitting. Its coming along nicely. The shoulder arm holes and that whatnot were all pinned in to place. I took a friend from work with me. It was a wise move, it was lovely to have company.

I Knitted a Calorimetry (ravelry link). I knitted nearly half of it and was disappointed in her style of short rows. I’m sure they are very good but I wanted to do it my way. HA, heard that before I hear you say. had to get gauge, so I knitted most of it before ripping out and doing it all again. Plus I didn’t want just ribbing across the top so I did some basic cables to create a diamond lattice. The new owner loves it already and even though I gave it to her before tying in the ends and taking any photos. She’s not quite sure how she would secure it. I think the next one I make will be with longer ends that look more like a bow tie to tie under the back of the neck.

Sunday was spent with the family at my brothers. The twins now have their own fortification in the woods. Its great, even bigjobs (nac-mac-feegle for large people) can fit down the spiral slide, with a little bending. We all played for a while and then went in when it started to rain. Luckily between the house and the driveway the house has a porch type area which protects from the rain. We were able to leave the men outside cooking a bbq in a thunder storm. It would just not be very British of us not to try and bbq in unfavourable weather. Mum had a nap on the sofa after taking some cough medicine, and I read the kids a good night story before they went to bed.

Last night I was falling asleep with a cat kneading my arse. Amazingly quite a nice experience… Both our cats are being super cute at the moment. Otis has taken to sitting in our hemp style shopping bag hoping I’ll pick him up as I walk out the door in the morning. I am finding I’m loving the bed sharing with cats much more than I ever should because I’m allergic. At least at this time of year they’ve stop molting so much and I’ve not got hay fever at the same time. Oh and jasper has taken to licking up balls of fur from the carpet and eating them. Which reminds me we need to hoover more. The thing is he must be built of hairballs because he’s never thrown one up and consumes so much fluff!

I think that’s enough of an update for now. Tonight Scotty and I need to finally decide on some “ring words” and all that kind of stuff for our registrars appointment later in the week. Busy busy busy!