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If I could have just one wish

August 8, 2008

I would want my mum to be well enough to enjoy the wedding and be able to get up and have a dance and be the strong mum I always thought she was.

Two weeks ago, when the docs put mum on her third course of chemotherapy we were unsure and her health was so very bad that we were worried she’d have to go and have a nap and only turn up for the important parts. One thing I did not expect is that all the treatments are so very different in the way they deal with the cancer. Mum only had one session of that particular chemotherapy because it made her so very ill. The sheer exhaustion was just too much for her. Mum has since decided that she does not want to have any more chemotherapy because the recovery time appears to be longer than the time it buys her.

Mum has been getting better since the last treatment and due to being able to get about a bit more she had radiotherapy on Tuesday on one lump that was causing her movement issues in her shoulder. After this I think we all expected her to be ill again. Instead she took the advice a friend gave me about her mum in a very similar position. I asked mum to go for acupuncture. Mum had the acupuncture yesterday and when she came to deliver my bolero to work (yes it is stunningly beautiful), she looked well. Smiling with it, and not weighed down as much. I’m not sure quite what it has done but mum managed to get herself a suit yesterday for my wedding and some other things like a walk around Holt. Mum called last night and was so very happy over the phone. Excited too for probably the first time because she feels in herself that she can cope, and she will be able to fully enjoy the day.

I don’t want to count my chickens yet. I do understand that the cancer could still take her away from me without any major warning or she could last another few years. We have no idea. It just may be that she can keep it under control and manage to have one of the happiest days of her life. That’s what I want, for me, for her, for all of us and for now there is a very strong possibility that we have every chance of that happening.