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August 11, 2008

you can tell our cats are good English boys…. they queue for food. They have been super cute and lovely all weekend. Scotty weighed them both on our very dodgy bathroom scales. You have to weigh yourself first then hold the cat and work out the difference. He said Otis is (EDIT) 5lbs kilos and Jasper is 9lbs kilos. SEE COMMENTS—- CRIKEY.

I’ve got Scotty’s old iphone and we Scotty hacked it for me yesterday afternoon, so now I have a pineapple iphone on virgin. I tested this morning from the office and I can send and receive data. 46p per something, I think its per Kb and 6p per site visit. I need to run some tests on how economical it is. I also found I can use the “free” wireless visitor network of a company next door, but only if I turn towards the window. I loves it, it already has all my calendar, contacts on it. WordPress, facebook and games. I just have to be very careful not to knock the mail icon and connect and download info. I can see me using it rather a lot.

Other news this weekend… Well on Thursday night I missed knit night again but instead cast on for a pair of socks for Scotty. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute… I normally knit a pair of socks in a month, maybe longer. These are the largest socks I have ever knit too, size 10 male. I have less than two weeks left to complete them now and I’ve got about half way up the foot before gusset increases.

Apart from knitting I got the shopping in via a long and misguided stagger around the supermarket and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms like a daemon possessed. Well, I cleaned… and wiped and I’m sure this house gets bigger and dirtier on a daily basis. I hoovered up as much cat fluff as I could and filled the hoover twice.

It was not exactly a very eventful weekend, my dress fitting was canceled until Tuesday. We were due to go to my brothers house for a party but it threw it down with rain on Saturday night and my sofa and a pair of socks were more inviting than the woods and sleeping on the floor in his house. I feel a bit sad that we missed out but due to the docs putting me on the pill (I hate taking the pill or have done in the past but wedding consummation is definitely something I want to do properly if you know what I mean nudge wink) for a while I’ve had some funny head aches and I wanted to make sure that was just a quick blip and not a major problem. Amazingly all headaches have gone on Monday morning. How kind of them to fully explore their headache freedom over the weekend.

Finally I called our wedding planner which came free with Dragon hall today and we appear to be on track. I have a meeting with most of our people who are providing entertainment and or any other service for the day. I’ve mentioned cake knives, serviettes, favours and all of that sort of thing. We are on track for a ruddy great knees up. Woohoo!