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curses… or maybe I am cursed?

August 14, 2008

but only very very lightly. I’m not taking any curse seriously, although quite seriously my poor little 2.5 yr old nephew just split his lip open this morning. News now is that he’s on the mend but had to go to hospital for emergency repair. It was bad enough that he had to be stitched back together by a plastic surgeon (so tempted to type sturgeon). I’ve been told he’s coming round ok after the general anaesthetic, and I can confirm he is JUST like his father, my big brother. Always getting in to the scrapes. He’s going to look an absolute picture on our wedding day! poor little mite, I just hope his bottom lip does not need to wobble for the next few weeks. PLEASE, nothing else now, I need a smooth ride up to the big day.


whoosh… all coming round a bit quick

August 14, 2008

Tuesday night was my last dress fitting. Mum and dad picked me up from work and we went over to the dress maker. I think the dress is truley beautiful. Although mum and dad were super tired they still said and looked like they loved the dress.

From here on in I’m not sure if I will be able to blog much at all. I’ll take notes and make sure I add them after the honeymoon but really, blogging is not top of my priority list.

Hopefully tonight I’ll pick up my dress, take it to my friends house for storage until the big day when she will take it to Dragon hall for me. This way I’ve not got it hanging about our house waiting for scotty to take a peek. Lunch time I have to order my flowers ready for next week. Its getting to the stage where we’re washing things ready to pack, looking out forms and documents and arranging all the little bits that we need. I’m so very glad that I’ve decided to spend the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding at home. It may sound strange but I am strongly attached to my pillow, and bed and comfort may just be one of those things that mean I can sleep properly avoiding any melt downs.

Later this evening I will try and make it to knit night and relax before my secret hen party on Friday night. Then I only have 3 days left of work next week before I get time off to complete everything. I feel like i’ve been saying we’re getting there for months now. Its still the case and I’m sure it will all be sorted just how it should be. I wont be able to make it to next Thursday’s knit night because the inlaws will be in town and Scotty has his stag doo.

I started a pair of socks for Scotty, He loves the very simple knit purl 3 x 3 square pattern I’ve added to the top of the foot. They are just getting to the part before gusset increase. I’ve not knit for a couple of nights because I asked him if he wanted to wear them on his wedding day. He said no because they are grey and not black. I fully understand and it takes the pressure off a little so I don’t have to get them done and I don’t intend on completing them either.

So yeah… see you some time in about a month, this way I’m not giving full details out on the net about when I’m going to be at home and not. I’m sure anyone with enough want and need to go and raid our house can figure it out, as well as where we live and what they can scope out, but I don’t want to give out ammo by saying I’m here or not here. We will have people checking on our house to make sure whilst we’re away. You never know I may be able to post again before I’m a Mrs but don’t wait, I’ll be off enjoying myself. I promise.

ps. Otis says mewpurrr, Jasper says burrruip, they will be off on their holidays soon too.