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about time I said something

September 9, 2008

I’ve got blog posts all backed up from the honeymoon. I wrote most of it down so that I would not forget. It has helped.
The good news is Scotty and I are safe and well and we had a wonderful break and got good tans and generally lazed about like honeymooners should. I have some seriously bad news and although it can be classed as good news at the same time it has shed a whole new light on the whole wedding and honeymoon that have made mine completely different to everyone else, and made it in to almost a fairytale now which is still hard to take in.
Mum was there for the wedding day. I made sure everyone was relaxed by being the most relaxed and happy I could be, making sure nothing phased me and therefore everyone else would take my lead in enjoying moments with people you care about. I’ll go as far as to say, one of my crowning moments, I handled it, made it special for everyone. Especially mum as she was forced in to a wheelchair and could not help me set up. All she could do was watch me achieve it all on my own, but with the biggest smile I have ever seen. She was proud of me.
Then we went away, all seemed fine except by the Tuesday dad called and let me know Mum had to go in to hospital. I was told to stay on holiday and wait for more news. By Thursday I tried calling again and could only get “its really not good” from my brother. This spoke more volumes because I knew he did not want to upset me but by being less descriptive I could read what he meant. At 00:10 UK time on Friday 29th August, mum departed. Entirely not ready for it and wanting to be here. Dad gave me the call around 15 minutes later. It was a rough night. Since then I was told to stay on honeymoon as coming home would not change anything. Dad picked us up from the airport just this Saturday and we had to talk about some of the more difficult parts of sorting it all out. He has it all in hand.
I may have to go in to more detail later but as you can see, for now its a bit painful and although we had a good time I still am very confused as to the right thing to do. I may have to take a slightly longer blog hiatus so that I can look back on the time with a little more sweetness and a little less sorrow.