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Friday night hen night.

September 11, 2008

Friday 15th August

I was at work, got changed in the ladies. Later found out that the ladies had placed flowers in the other bathroom Doh! It was all a big surprise nobody let on at all what they were going to do. We went down to Roccos on prince of wales road. We supped from pitchers of pimms. There were around 15 of us. Some left and my family turned up, just my sister and sister in-law. After we drained 3 or was it 4 pitchers between us all we walked down to the river. By this point someone had mentioned boat and Thai and we ended up in Thai on the river floating boat restaurant. The most perfect thing was just behind where I was sitting I could see the back of Dragon hall where I will be getting married. The food was delicious. The company was great and everyone enjoyed it. As the meal was winding down most people had things they needed to do, kids and family to get back to. I checked with Becky and Tommy is better than expected healing well. The stitches have done wonders.

Once we all disembarked the very steady but wonky staired boat, there were just 3 of us left. Me, Di and Allison a lovely secretary in our office. We went as far as the cash machine to top up ready to hit the town and we were “chatted up” by a rather inebriated sort and it put me right off going to a club and standing around in semi darkness with thumping noise and shouting to be heard. I asked if we could go to my local for last orders and they both agreed that it was a great idea.

We grabbed a taxi back on riverside and made it just in time to get in a peach beer. Walked in to the back garden to find a house warming party of men dressed as ladies. I say men, but when we enquired as to why they looked like teenagers they all said they were under 25 but over 18. They were all wearing mostly skimpy dresses and we were introduced to them by one wearing probably the most covering and more becoming underwear lifted his leg on the table to ask if we had a light. His dress hitched up and all I remember was the shape of the hammocked package looming underneath the dress. I was left lost for words and giggling. When later we noticed most of his friends were wearing G-strings and thongs we were much happier having the first bloke greet us in this way and not them. As it was staggering distance to my front door, Allison and Di called their men and let them know to pick them up etc, they both came back for a cup of tea and a stroke of the cats. Now that is what I call a good hen night, by the end of it I was very very happy and not the worse for wear. Although I did spend most of Saturday mooching like I had a hang over, it was not all that bad considering wine with dinner, pimms, beer. thankfully I was far to sensible to head towards any shots and I can remember it all. A very wonderful hen night.


time for some time travel.

September 11, 2008

Firstly I’m very very glad that work said not to bother coming in at all until Monday. They have given me the option to extend that but having not been in work for a whole month, by that point, I think I’ll want to get back in to the swing of things.

I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m managing it how ever I can and having some time at home with the cats is helping. Yesterday I tackled what I could visiting the post office and getting my passport off to be changed. Then going to the florists for what was more painful than I expected. I had no idea what flowers to get. In the end I found some and paid up. They will even take them to the funeral directors for me.

So to lighten things up a little and to get my head in to remembering the good that happened this past month I invite you in to a bit of time travel…

Wed 13th August

I picked up my wedding ring on Wednesday lunch time. It is beautiful. (which reminds future me I don’t think I have a photo of it.)

Thursday 14th August.

why do the most bloggable things happen when you say you’re going to have to have a break from blogging.

Di had been on holiday all week but had said that she would hold my dress for me until my wedding day. I went to pick up the dress from the lovely Rebecca Spragge and transfer it to Diane. I forgot to take her address after work and although I’d been there before I could not remember the way. I got the dress in my car and called Di, she did not answer. I waited about a little and tried again. Di called back a short time later and said she would meet me. I waited in the Co-op (small supermarket) car park with the dress in my car. Just to make sure you understand why I’m blathering so much about this, it ended up very bizarre, and you need to know that I have a Honda civic, 5 door hatch 1.8 petrol in silver. Its a lovely car. Di turns up about 15 minutes later in her car. We begin transfer of dress from one car to the other, then stand back and giggle. This is because her car is exactly the same except hers is diesel. They look the same, even the same colour. I just felt very odd indeed hanging about in a shop car park transferring a wedding dress in to an identical vehicle. Just a moment I wont forget.

I went directly from that to knit night. It was lovely to see everyone and it went too quickly. I really enjoyed having the time to chat with Bonnie Blue, now I at least I’ve found someone who is quite a lot like me. Getting married this year, knits, lives in Norwich and blogs! YAY!