Tuesday to Thursday before the wedding

September 22, 2008

One last re-cap prior to the wedding.

My manager Nadine visited the office on Tuesday 19th. She took me for a lovely lunch out. I was surprised at how much she expected me to not bother achieving in the way of work when she was around. Also they had a small announcement and I was expected to make a speech for my present…. which was vouchers! Just what I needed. I gained £140 which was great, no fantastic. Much more than I ever would expect from a work collection.

Wednesday 20th August
I came in to work for my last day as Miss Tedds. My desk was decorated up and looking quite fabulous.

pimp my desk

pimp my desk

I then went up to John Lewis at lunch time and promptly spent every penny that they gave me on Tuesday. I bought two brand new suitcases for us to take on honeymoon. Luckily I took my car in to work (try to stop anyone taking me out for drinks)

Thursday 21st:

I had a massive plan list for Thursday but it all went rather wrong. I had to pickup the fountain chocolate, which would have been fine but… As I closed the door I locked myself out of the house. I knew I had time to relax and get on with things so for the time being it was not urgent. Instead I went on to get my makeup trial and leg wax. These both went very well. Because I had my car keys and purse I was able to go and do other things. I went to town and checked on the flowers. They were ready to pickup BUT I could not leave them in the car for long. Plus the chocolate would melt… By this time I needed to get home. ALL of the female inlaws were heading round for dinner (6 of them) and the place was a mess.
I drove over to Diss to get the house keys from Scotty. He had to stay at work even though it was his last day. I drove back and got the flowers then got back in the house. I cleaned like a mad daemon and finally was ready for it all. The evening with the ladies (and girls) was lovely. We had takeaway and relaxed whilst Scotty was being dragged around town by my brother, his brother, his dad and my brother in law. One of our old friends Adrian also came along because he was going to miss the wedding. He stayed over, and luckily there too I had clean sheets on the spare bed.

All most exciting and seeing Scotty come in slightly drunk and with a banana painted on his head was well worth it. I was glad he finally had a decent stag do.


  1. {chuckle}’L’ plates{/chuckle}

  2. “Pimp my desk”

    there’s a reality show in there somewhere…

    And Scotty had a banana painted on his head???


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