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www weekend!

September 29, 2008

Friday night I got home to find Jasper in a funny old mood. Scotty had told me he was miserable that morning when he got up. He just looked moody and very fed up. Well, that evening I wrapped him in a blanket and sat him beside me for the whole evening. He was not even stopping me fiddle with his back paws. Something was wrong and it was obvious because he did not touch any food or water all evening and only water in the morning. We tried to make him walk about but he was so very uncomfortable he walked 3 paces and sat down. That was it, I called the vet and took him in on Saturday morning for a checkup. Neither of our cats have ever had a hairball and we found this most surprising after Erasmus was a regular twice a month hocking up at 3am at the end of the bed. Always on the carpet. I tried to get Jasper in the cat carrier and waited for him to go pee first. Very kind of him to make sure he was ok for the car journey. Otis jumped in the cat carrier and would not get out. I ended up taking them both to the vet and I swear Otis just went along to keep his brother company. The checkup went ok, Jasper had a bit of a temperature and a very sore tummy that he would not allow her to prod properly because he tensed up. I was supplied with some antibiotics, some liquid paraffin and he was given an injection and sent on his way.  My purse is now £50 the lighter but within the hour of getting medicine and getting home he was walking about a bit more and purring. I’ve kept up the meds and this morning (monday) Jasper was back to his old self fighting with his brother. I’m still checking the litter to make sure he goes properly, which I think is going to take a couple more days to clear up.

Scotty and I did make it in to the back garden to hang out washing and do a little weeding in the afternoon sunshine. The rest of Saturday was spent on the sofa curled up with Jasper, knitting and complaining about my period. I’m really not sure the pill is helping them, but its worth a try. I just have to wait for my body to get used to them.

Sunday was more productive, more washing and a visit to my brothers house for a bbq in the rain! It always rains when we bbq at my brothers house. Or it has at least the last 3 times. Dad was there as were the rest of our family and some of my sil’s family too. We left quite early because we wanted to make sure Jasper was not being a, beaten up by his brother, b, eating ok and c, walking about. I so need a cat cam for all the rooms in our house. I’d have them on live feed all day.

Finally on to knitting. I’m making a secret scarf for Eve…. well not so secret now I have said something here. Eve: If you’re reading look away now! Anyway, its on ravelry and flickr and its very pink and in pure cashmere and be a you tea full. This is to say thanks for the cake, nearly everyone else who helped has been given some knitting in the past. This one is very special and will hopefully have a little leaflet with its history in it too so that it can become more of an heirloom for her daughter.

It has taken an absolute age to knit Scotty’s socks I started them nearly two months ago. Finally late Sunday I finished the main pattern and moved over to the final ribbing for the cuff. I just cant wait to get this one off the needles and washed and on his feet. Next time I’m using sport or DK to knit man socks. 64ST in the round, was I mad? YES.