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You too can have an Erasmus.

September 30, 2008

Although Erasmus passed away in January and since then we scattered his ashes, his image has been used around the web and he has become more famous than he ever was. I am very happy to announce that he is now available to everyone who has an iphone.

Firstly there was stuff on my cat… blogged here

Then whilst we were on honeymoon he made it to Icanhascheeseburger

Then finally I was contacted by PKMousie on Flickr. They asked to use a picture of Erasmus for a new application called ipurr (this links directly to the itunes app and will ask you to launch itunes). I accepted because they asked so nicely and I have since re-hacked my iphone with the newest version of firmware, installed ipurr and its wonderful. I have Erasmus back and purring at me. Well not exactly but it is the very next best thing and because I know he had so very many online fans some of you can have him too.

YAY! All hail Erasmus, bestest of cats. (he’s cat number 4 of 6 on the app)