what no more recap?

October 7, 2008

I think I’ll keep the honeymoon to myself for now. I have drafts but I like having the secret holiday. It was beautiful in its own sweet way.

Last week and the weekend and so far this week have been mighty busy. I made it to knit night on Thursday but left early as I was so very very tired. Friday night I cast on a new hat because I’ve very nearly finished two other projects, the socks, and also the mitts for a friends wedding. Saturday I felt like I had a stonking cold coming and my head was thick and thumpy. I spent the day on the sofa relaxing and knitting. I’m trying a beret via this pattern. What? no I can hear you, I know you’re asking, me? follow a pattern? HA, well in this case yes. BUT (see I knew you were waiting for it) I’m also trying Grumperina’s spiral tutorial. Which allows for the chevrons to meet up in a perfect circle without changing the yarn at the seam point at any time. I need all 4 ends of two balls of yarn going to get the two row chevron to work. I’m juggling yarn like a professional and it is coming out rather lovely. I did find a mistake though and it took most of this lunch time at work to fix.

Anyway, amongst all the knitting that I should be completing rather than picking new stuff Scotty and I had a sort out day on Sunday. Firstly we found all the stuff off the ground floor of our house that needed to go up the loft. Escorted it up the two flights of stairs and slid it up the ladder in to the attic space. Mainly empty boxes but some not so empty. Then anything else from around the house that needed to go up the loft did too. Then after tidying a little we decided to re-arrange the lounge. Now WAY back when this blog started we bought Slot sofas. This means now we have instead of a 3 seat corner we have a 4 seat L shape and instead of a two seat sofa we have a single chair. Plus the move around means that we are as far away from the telly as we can get in our little abode. Keep thinking on this point whilst I continue to meander about. We were just about half way though shifting and my brother calls and said he’s going to pop over with his kids and wife. I love them coming to visit so we got a wriggle on and slotted it all together and ran the hoover over everything. Once everyone was in the house the new layout worked well. The kids loved running around in circles between the lounge and kitchen and through the doors to the stairway. They were told lots of times to WALK past the stairs, but they are 2 1/2 year old twins, they mostly do what they like until they get hurt. Now I do love my brother but he noticed the TV situation and mentioned that, even our 28″ screen looked rather small. To be honest I agree, but Scotty took this point and has since been looking for a new 40″ TV… I’ll let you know when we get it, I’m still tempted to mount it on the wall but we’d have to find somewhere else for our giant but slightly warped mirror.

After all that Monday was not usual either, Dad came for lunch which was great and I do love now spending time with him. Its like I very rarely had the chance before and we do get on rather well. We talked, ate and generally had a good time. Dad delivered a spare garden bin to our house too so when I got home I went straight to the back garden and started emptying all my dead plant pots in to the bin, fluffing up the soil and mixing it all in so that next spring it will all be fresh and usable again (I hope). I felt like I had achieved, so up to the kitchen I went. I scored a whole bunch of free apples at work due to the free fruit that is left out on a weekly basis. (no I did not steal everyone’s free frut it was last weeks left in the kitchen). I peeled and chopped them all and cooked apple strudel. Then chopped and roasted a load of veg (steamed some romanesque, and cooked veggie burgers). I finally sat down at 9pm and lamented at not getting any knitting time. So this is why knitting now comes to work with me at lunch time. I want to get things done around the house but I’m at work too many hours to achieve everything at home I would like to do at home. Lunch hours are now for catchup and one day I will try and launch my new ideas on you all. I’m just formulating at the moment and I will have to make a propper plan and try and get it working before going any further. Mainly the plan right now is to get my sewing machines up and running in a permanant position. Then I can think about taking over the world… BWWAHAHAA HAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAAHAA.

Oh and PS, I nearly fell asleep last night hugging otis like a teddy bear. Jasper is for sofa hugging, Otis for bed hugging. How great is that? THE BESTEST. (yes yes I know, my husband should be for bed hugging but I’m trying to keep this place safe for work)

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