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lapse me? NEVER.

October 14, 2008

well you got me. Someone reminded me today I’ve not taken a money shot of the new barnet. My long hair was like more than part of me. It became who I was known as, the girl with long hair. Well its not that short but its a lot further away from my trousers than it used to be, and for your delectation I give you me.. at work, no makeup and fuzzy. Amazingly I cut off the bottom of my hair, inserted a tree in my head and surrounded myself with boxes. DOH. Ah well at least I’m smiling.

see flickr for reasons why I should not take up photography.

from my iphone.

Click on the photo to go to Flickr where there is an even more dodgy but better taken photo in the work toilets mirror, where I’ve been mirrored of course. Well it looks right to me.


so what is IT support?

October 14, 2008

so far this morning, and I jest not, I have been asked to fix a dictaphone, well 3 to be exact to get one working and fix a telephone because the line is out. These things have remained unfixed by me, I have shown the first customer that their PC has a mic and how to record from it and informed the second to contact the telecoms team. Work done.

To be honest that is the worst I can moan about so really I have it very good indeed.

Plus I realise I’ve been such a lax blogger and things are catching up and going very quickly to the point that I nearly forget everything that has happened before I get to tell blogland.

I missed out on Thursday night knitting because I was way too tired to go. By this point Scotty had placed the TV on order and I booked off Friday afternoon so that I could go and pick him and the TV up from work. Friday occurred as planned and we got home and plugged in the new very large TV. I now need a bib because the screen is so clear and top quality that I drool when watching it.

Saturday morning we had to get Scotty’s bike from the station because I picked him up. Whilst there we popped over to woollies and got Lego batman. Those who know me well know I’ve played all the Lego series and I love them all. This one is going to top of the class though, much better than Lego Indiana Jones and comparable to both star wars versions in one package. Lots of new places to explore, a plethora of new evil characters to play with and lots of new functionality that is just enough different from the star wars and Indiana versions that make it great fun to play. Since Saturday morning ( now Tuesday) we’ve clocked up the best part of 10 hours playing between us. OOps. 😉

Still, we have achieved other things too. We took one of the sets of bookshelves from the spare room downstairs and moved them up to the lounge. I think the lounge is mainly done now and looking rather nice and now I get to sit on the same sofa as Scotty because before we had one each and it was incredibly unfriendly. Two sofas seem nice but its not snugly.

Sunday we drove over to Dad’s at Sherringham. It was a beautiful day and even though dad on his own is not used to catering for family he placed on a lovely spread of fresh home made bread, cheese and salad. My sister and her family were there too. Dad went out with the kids to the park whilst me and my sister launched in to some of mums belongings that would cause pain for dad to deal with. In the end we had quite a nice time covering some of the stuff that desperately needed to be done. By the time we finished I ended up taking away 10 plastic wheeled boxes of material, wool, sewing patterns and personal belongings that we just did not want dad to have to deal with. We binned age old makeup, hairbrushes, curlers and realised just how much stuff a life can accumulate over time.

I need to spend time sorting through all these boxes and removing charity items, bin-able items and keeping as much of her fabric and patterns and wool as possible, or at least finding good homes for them where they will be appreciated. I know she would have wanted this above other things and I find it therapeutic doing this for her. I may not have been able to be there by her side near the end but I can make sure that what was hers is dealt with, with respect. Finally I also took all the undies and that which most of it will have to be trashed but the wig and fake boob(s) (two rights) are all going back to the cancer ward to hopefully be re-used. I don’t think she ever used them and never found them comfortable.

Once I’ve been through all of this I will take some of the boxes back and re-fill with the wardrobe which we have hardly touched. I’m a very similar size to my mum so I guess I get a free wardrobe of clothes, well anything I can bear to wear, which is quite a few things because I always thought my mum had great class most of the time. Still with most of this it will also end up at charity and I will search out and find the best ones suitable to the cancer cause that mum had to fight. My sister agreed with me, its sort of my job, I’m really the only one who can wear the clothes and yet again its what mum would have wanted. I never expected to enjoy the process as much as I am It reminds me of what part of me is like my mum, organized and getting stuff done, the love of knitting and sewing. Plus I love sharing and giving stuff away. If there is any way any of the nice stuff can make it out via here to donate I’ll try and do that too.

Dad also gave me all the green tomatoes he collected from his garden. I attempted to make green tomato chutney on Sunday night. It looks right but it still tastes a bit like vinegar, just a little and I put in WAY TOO MUCH chilli. It tastes nice and then lingers. I’ve never had a back burner like it. I’m not sure quite what to do with it to make it right again. I ended up adding apples and pineapple too and blending the resulting mix to get a more smooth texture.

Knitting has been a bit on hiatus this week. I finished the beret hat and even after blocking it looks better but is still not really big enough for my head and the cast on edge is way too loose and flops off. I don’t like floppy things that just perch. I need something to hug my ears to keep them warm in the depths of winter. Scotty loves his socks and they have been through the wash once already and are in need of another wash to be worn again.

Finally Otis and Jasper are happy and spent most of Saturday in the garden unsupervised. They are still fighting well and enjoying running up and down the stairs.