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bit at a time

October 20, 2008

Damn, I’ve been keeping notes and trying to write up an publish more often BUT just as I go to publish I get waylaid and miss it. So to cover what I have missed here’s a bullet post.

– I bought office for mac, but via the work sponsorship system which means I only paid £17.31 bargain. It turned up on Friday, its been installed and is working well. Shame about the updates though, they took twice as long to install than the software itself. Oh and then I noticed that my mac HD was full. only 3Gb left. YEEP! I realized it was nearly all my aperture folder of photos. I ran a backup and had a HUGE cleanup. Doing that alone cleared up 35Gb of a 75Gb HD.

– sorting boxes. I’ve been through everything that was taken from Dad’s house. I’ve now got my two sewing machines, 6 large under bed boxes full to the brim with sewing fabric. 3 full of yarn, one full of felting. These have all now been stashed in two stacks in the spare room down stairs and my project is slowly coming to pass. I’ve got at least 3 bin bags full of old clothes and a good selection of “charitable donation items” which need to go to the cancer research charity shop. One day, I’ll finish sorting and I’ll have a sewing/knitting room all to myself. Then I can get creating which is what I love doing most. Firstly I will need to collect more stuff from mum’s wardrobe and go through all that. Not until next week though.

– We had a visit from a financial advisor. With these trying times I must admit we’re not noticing it much. We are truley dinky (dual income no kids yet). I feel like I keep going on spending sprees but I forget most of what we get is discounted or out of our wedding vouchers. More about that later. Back on to the financial advisor, she took our details and will be coming back Tuesday night because all the rates changed when she visited and most of the banks pulled their deals. I’ve no idea how I would have sorted it all out so its nice here in the UK we have advisors who take their payment from the lender you choose so the service is free.

– Dad has gone on holiday with my brother, his wife and the twins. Hopefully he’s enjoying it as much as he can, and I think its the best thing for him to get away from the house for a bit, to relax and get a small dose of much needed sunshine. I miss him right now but that’s because I cant talk to mum either.

– I made it to knit night! YAY! As I’ve sorted through all the boxes I managed to take yarn donations to the group. By this I mean I handed out yarn for free but asked the person who took the yarn, in each case to give what they thought they could afford for the yarn to cancer research. I think it worked well. Most of the stash went. All the stuff I would have never ever got around to knitting with too (yes I did keep some back for me). I didn’t take photos, I didn’t count what was given away. Some of it also went to a disabled gentleman who joins our group and I’m not going to ask him for a donation. He’s going to make a blanket of squares to give to charity, what more could I ask than it all gets knitted faster than I could and put to good use.

– After such a lovely night with the ladies at knit night I had a bit of a rough nights sleep. Parting with some of mums items appears to give me nightmares. Friday at work was hell. What with a completely discombobulated feeling about myself, tired and not able to concentrate a poor girl in the office got a cough. The problem was its no ordinary cough, its loud, hard and repeated every few minutes throughout the day. She was told to go home and would not. At one point she managed to cough and fall over. By this point I was distraught. I could not find it in me to tell her I heard my mum cough just like that, for the last 6 months of her life, almost constantly. Mum was eventually taught some breathing techniques to stop it annoying her but the constant reminder on a day I was less than able to cope, it broke me. I went for a quick weep in the loos around lunch time. Later two colleagues were leaving the office for good, both to head off as expats in New Zealand (they got married earlier in the year). I decided to go for a quick drink and two large vodkas with coke later and I had enough courage to stomp home and feel happy that it was a Friday night. I very very rarely drink anything but that was just what the doctor would have ordered if there was one present.