brum brum!

November 4, 2008

I didn’t make Thursday night knitting. Since Sunday last week I was feeling under the weather and like I was coming down with something. I put up with it and came home exhausted every day until Thursday I just gave in. I stayed home and knitted a little and did not leave bed or sofa all day. One thing I did do because it was a lumpy throat, stuffed sinuses and ear ache, was make hot lemon. I filled the flask with lemon, cardamon, star anise and ginger. Added hot water and left it all to stew. I periodically got up and poured a cup and it did get better through the day. By the end of it I could not drink another drop of lemon and new it had done most of what i needed it to do.

So anyway I’m mostly recovered and Friday was spent as usual working then lazing about. Saturday was rainy. Very Very rainy so we stayed in and cleaned the house a bit. The star of the weekend was Sunday. My brother had organized a go-karting trip. His work, our family and his friends business all went out together to make up numbers. 16 of us in all, with a kart each on an outside track (click text to see track on google maps). It was still a bit wet but they supplied us with jumpsuits and waterproof jumpsuits too. All of us got layered up and watched the safety video. Then mounted our helmets and got in the karts.

I have never had so much fun driving. After a while it was hard on the arms but so so much fun. Because it was a little wet and oily we had 3 laps to get used to the track and two 10 lap races before a big 15 lap end race. We must have covered over 40km each and many of us spun, went through puddles and generally hared about like lunatics. After it all I could already feel my arms beginning to sieze up because of the constant judder and force used to turn the little kart around the track. After we all worked out general lap times and speeds. I know I managed to drive at around 36mph on a lap so I guess I reached nearly 50 on the straights, or at least I hope I did. Dad enjoyed it as did everyone else and it was lovely if a little tad competitive but all in the best possible way. I would go again tomorrow if I could even though 3 days later I can still feel where I stretched myself. On the last few laps I slipped in to a puddle and it rained over me. I then found I had a hole in the arse region of my waterproof suit which left me with a very amusing damp patch that made me look like I wet myself. I did take a change of clothes. I beat Scotty, I beat Dad! and I beat my sister in-law but I did not beat my brother, or brother in-law. Next time I’ll be better. although I’m still mighty proud of being the fastest girl that day and coming 8 out of 16 shows I tried.

Since then I’ve hardly typed or knitted, my arms are just about recovering now. I’ve tried to avoid lifting the cute lump that is jasper. He’s getting very heavy and is still so very adorable. Otis is as adorable but still a lot more bouncy and lively. Both have got in to the habit of sleeping at the end of the bed and creeping between us during the night so by morning we have a furry devider all the way down the center of the bed. I cant turf them out, they are just too lovely.

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  1. Cool! Fastest girl on the track eh? You rock!!!!

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