a brief forray in to minor publishing…

November 6, 2008

well after knitting for some time I produced one minor pattern some time back called the cable heart cascade. It was for socks but could be used on any knitting project from around 5 stitches wide if you cut out and use just one section of the pattern. Anyway, someone else asked about my beret and I thought it was about time I got sorted out and started hosting my items somewhere and having a place marker for them too.

Finally I have done this and above on this site you will now see a new page tab called “free, from me to you“. One day I hope to populate it with lots of little how-to’s that I want to create. It may not be all that special but because it has been requested I wanted to create that little place just to share for free. I’m up for any suggestions of things to get in there to have it nicely populated. I’m thinking of recipes, pattern ideas, stuff that I can still call mine and individual enough that I’m not treading on any ones creative toes.

I’m still not here to make profit but I would like to ask that if anyone does want to use my free items they consider donating what they would call a reasonable amount to pay for said item to cancer research UK. They were very helpful to my mum and dad throughout mums cancer and they deserve my support.

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