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a quick shuffle.

November 12, 2008

I don’t like decorating but I do love word-press on-line because a quick refresh of the site takes 10 minutes. Honest. I promise I spent no longer than 10 minutes of my *cough* Lunch break *cough* re-arranging and adding a new picture of Otis and Jasper. Well not a very new picture but one of the very few where they are attentive, together and can be chopped to fit. I would still like to do more but I enjoy the free services and really cannot be bothered with hosting and managing our own domain from our own little server at home.

let me know what you think. I cant do much more without paying for some services. Quite limited but good enough for a tight wad like me.

Is it just me or do all cat owners get slowly faster on the journey home (walking) because the closer you get the sooner you get to see your little darlings again. *sigh* I already miss the 4 day weekend and spending hours with one or other of them clamped to a leg.


Lovely long weekends *aaaahhh*

November 12, 2008

people have even commented this morning at work that I looked well rested. That’s because I did almost nothing!

Babysitting, I went on my own and as Thursday night is knit night, I knitted and watched TV. It all went off without a hitch and the two darlings only coughed once and rolled back to sleep. I did not take any chances disturbing them. I since spoken to my brother and they had one of the worst nights for some time when one of them awoke at 2am, another at 3 and both stayed up till 4am.. Nice. Now tell me why I don’t have kids.

Anyhew Friday and Saturday were cleaning days. We defrosted the slightly frozen over freezer. It went quicker than I hoped and it was well worth it. Other cleaning was done but I’m not saying what because its already a mess again and looks like we did nothing. Although the 7 piles of washing surely speak some towards what we achieved. The rest was spent knitting and playing computer games.

Now I love lego batman but there is one kit we just cant get and that means we’ve let the game go. Its stuck in the middle of a no-repeat section of a level which is mighty frustrating. Instead Scotty has been playing fallout3 which I am finding a whole lot more entertaining than I thought I would. The fun starts right at the beginning when you get to choose your name as a child. There is a lot of hunting in dark corners for things, and most of the fights are not *BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM* you get the idea. With the freeze framing technique it tends to break the fighting up enough for it not to be too intense, although the weird creatures that can sneak up on you are mighty quick and I have jumped out of my skin a few times. Thank goodness I don’t have to sew myself back in. I must state though, this is no kids games. I laugh at the gore but with an ewww look on my face when the slow motion playback follows a head that has been blown in to several pieces, as it rolls away. Amazing graphics, very macarbre and well worth it if you’re not going to get nightmares from seeing dead boddies lying around or even hung up a lot. Yes its a sick grim shooty game, but we’re amassing good karma and being nice and its fun to be nice in a nasty game. Oh yes.

Saturday afternoon we went back to my brothers to spend the afternoon with the family. The aim was to go to the fireworks at £5 per car ish I think. Anyway we ate dinner and had some fun with the kids but decided not to stand outside in the cold and occasional rain. Instead we went and visited Erasmus. Now residing in powder form on mouse hold hill in Norwich we sat in our lovely warm car watching the fireworks go off all over Norwich. They were everywhere. We only stayed for about 10 minutes, got bored, drove home and settled in for the evening.

Sunday I did the weekly, or in my case bi-monthly shop from tescooos. Goodies bought we then stayed in all sunday afternoon, evening and ALL Monday. We did not leave the house. One sunday roast and a loaf of bread made. Lots of relaxation, some knitting and lots of cat cuddling are what makes a very serene me.