a quick shuffle.

November 12, 2008

I don’t like decorating but I do love word-press on-line because a quick refresh of the site takes 10 minutes. Honest. I promise I spent no longer than 10 minutes of my *cough* Lunch break *cough* re-arranging and adding a new picture of Otis and Jasper. Well not a very new picture but one of the very few where they are attentive, together and can be chopped to fit. I would still like to do more but I enjoy the free services and really cannot be bothered with hosting and managing our own domain from our own little server at home.

let me know what you think. I cant do much more without paying for some services. Quite limited but good enough for a tight wad like me.

Is it just me or do all cat owners get slowly faster on the journey home (walking) because the closer you get the sooner you get to see your little darlings again. *sigh* I already miss the 4 day weekend and spending hours with one or other of them clamped to a leg.


  1. There is something to be said for the happy warm feeling seeing a kitty waiting/meowing at the window for me when I get home. I open the door, and i am the next thing since sliced bread in my house…. maybe due to me being the food provider? lol

  2. puddytat love is a glorious thing 🙂

    and the new site looks great!

  3. Great new look! If only real world decorating was as quick and easy. Methinks you may have dangled something off camera to interest the lurvely furrrrrry people? 🙂

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