I’m a bubble.

November 26, 2008

its true. Bubbletastic even. More on that later.

We had another long weekend so the last update you had may have been a bit down but come Thursday lunch time I had that Friday feeling and it all cheered up from there.

I went to knit night and was one of the last to leave requesting that the girls did not leave me finishing the last few stitches on my row, alone to the braying public that frequent the bar cafe at the forum. It was great fun as usual and I did a whole 5 rows of 456 stitches. WOOHOO! this scarf may just get done before Christmas.

Friday I bimbled about, knitting and started sewing too. I cut out some skirt fabric and started pinning it all together. The other exciting thing we did was online shopping to arrive on Saturday morning. Hoorah for home delivery I loves it. spectacularly little else to report there.

Saturday I drove over to Dad’s house and went a walk in the freezing horizontal hail which HURT when it hit you. We (me, dad, my sister, her husband and the two kids Ewan and Bethan) all went for a wonder around looking at stuffs, trying to decide if there was anything we could get in lovely Sheringham woolies. I did not manage to get anything but I wasn’t exactly looking hard for something particular. Dad rustled up a very tasty lunch and we all were happy. I stopped past my brother but did not stick around. They all have the lurgey and are falling to pieces. I drove home and did a little more sewing and whotnot.

Sunday Scotty and I built a snowman. The whole weekend was snowy and wintry and lovely. Which made me want to make another hot and spicy curry. Which I did of course. Firstly after the food delivery I had lots of milk. I made my own cheese! It was very fun, just boil milk and whilst boiling and not boiling over add something sour. I used some yoghurt, you can use lemon but I’m not so keen on lemony cheese. Stir until all the curds come away from the whey. Put in some muslin cloth and squish! It worked very well indeed so I made Matta Paneer, Toor dhal, rice and Scotty made some dough for chapatis. I rolled them and we both cooked them. Ah we make such a good team when we get to cook together.

Monday we went shopping and I bought NOTHING. *sigh* BUT Scotty did get some clothes for him and a two for £15 at HMV for blue ray DVD’s AND bought me lunch. So after doing a bit more sewing and relaxing after shopping we sat and watched WallE. I was not expecting to love it but I do. Oh yes, its a LOVELY movie and I would recommend it to be part of any family collection. The lack of words makes it suitable for anyone at all.

So yes, a perfect weekend, a bit cold but so much fun. And then…..Monday night urgh. Bubble. I don’t know quite what happened to me but I ended up with a bubbly tummy like no other and queasy too. I had to go and sleep in the spare room upright. It was bad all day at work. Luckily only ending in burptastic style and not going south. I was worried it would be worse and last longer but it appears to be all fine now.

One last thing, a big hug and lots of love to my big brother and his wife and the twins. 3 whole weeks of coughs, colds, flu, sickness and now burst ear drums and projectile vomit. I really do worry but I cant think of anything I can do to help except keep away and healthy….


  1. Yes, yucky tummy’s – definitely not good. By the sound of it that’s the bubbletastic tummy I had a few weeks back.

  2. Thanks for your reply on my blog. On the subject of jumbled up words, this site passes the time(!):


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