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could not have gone better…

December 8, 2008

except for one point. A stinky rotten cold. It did not stop me, although my weekend has been a little more sedate than I expected.

Saturday I woke up feeling very wrong. Sneezing and dizzy. I spent the entire day mooching around trying to catch up on sleep and resting. I did get a couple of rounds of knitting done and Dad’s scarf is now at the point that I can decrease, cast off and sew up the sides. A rather daunting task on a style of cast off I’ve not done before.

What I did achieve whilst feeling coldy was quite good. One, I managed to bake some lovely biscuits. Scotty baked a loaf of bread and I also cooked a whole large spaghetti squash which we had with griddled salmon coated in miso paste. Very yummy and good for us. Plus I realised I’d done absolutely no Christmas shopping at all. Wrapped up on the sofa I opened up Amazon and started on my “list” for Christmas. 1 hour later and I had EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING on my list. The only item I could not get via amazon and its resellers was cash for my brother and his wife. I was amazed. I still am. I’d not got a single present and then all at once they are all being posted to me in time for Christmas at a more reasonable price than heading out to brave the cold and the miserable shoppers. This has made me very very happy.

Sunday we headed out a bit earlier than usual to see Dad and the family. We all met at his house and had a cuppa and then headed out to lunch at the pub. The air was crisp, sky clear and although cold it was a beautiful day. After we all waited for our meals and stuffed ourselves until bursting I was starting to feel a little more normal and I thought the cold was subsiding. We went from lunch to Sheringham park. We took mums ashes and scattered them just as we should. The spot she is in is sheltered, has a good view and the bushes are protected by chicken wire so that animals cant dig at them. I could not think of anywhere more perfect for her, or a better day to do it. It was a little sad but there is nothing more I could want or wish for, mum will never be built on, never be moved or never have to move. We may even be able to get a bench so we can go and sit next to her. As some of the family were not wanting to deal with ashes (kids with Scotty and their father) we met back up with them and as we walked down the park to greet them sun shone on the coast line and the poppy line steam train appeared in our view. A beautiful moment and one I will never forget that I shared with a family I love. Dad looked happy even though he worried so much about getting it all done. It was a small signal to him that Mum was happy because we could have never planned to time a walk around a corner like it.

Once we got back to the cars we all parted. Dad gave us a lift back to his to pick up our car. I drove back starting to feel ill again, although it did not worry me because I saw the best sunset I think I have ever seen. The sky turned all shades of yellow orange and pink over the best part of an hour and the whole drive home. It was just turning completely dark as we pulled up at home. I was shocked and in awe at the beauty of the sunset and the fact it felt like it followed us all the way home. I don’t think I’ll ever see such a long and wide and beautiful sunset in my entire life again. Although I was driving I spent most of the way home just saying “wow”.

Maybe this is what I should look for, maybe its not but I am feeling lots better now about it all. We’ve done everything she ever asked for. Dad can settle and get used to being him now even though it has been a wrench from his life partner. The sunshine, clear skies, appearing trains and clear air have helped us all and the company helped too.

all in all a very successful weekend even if I spent the rest of last night hauled up on the sofa again with a loo roll attached to my face.

Love you mum.