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are we nearly there yet?

December 15, 2008

Had the yearly, thanks for working with us call and you have….. no extra pay. Fair enough, tough times. I’m just glad I have a job.

Found some cool new puzzles at Strimko. I like them, think like sudoku.

I had a dentist on Friday, I need a new filling. BOO!

I then had my legs waxed and my nails done. Lovely.

ALL of the Christmas presents have arrived. WOO! achievement.

Scotty and I were meant to go out on Saturday to his works party but it was a 50 minute drive each way. Meh we gave it the heave ho and stayed home in the warm.

Which gave me time to finish dad’s scarf. Need to tie in the ends. I’m happy with it now but I did have to completely re-do the cast on edge. It took most of Saturday and Sunday just to knit 6 rows and undo 3. Good thing I know he’s going to like it.

I cant wait for Christmas, I’ve had enough of this year already. It just feels like some things are a bit of an uphill struggle and they don’t look like its going to get any easier. Not all things, just a few niggles.  Work…time…. although It feels like I’ve had the best of 3 weeks of great moods, so hey not all bad.

Roll on the holiday I have 9 days off including weekends and cant wait to have some time.

Our boys kept me super hot last night, they have taken to lying as close as possible at nigt which can get a bit stifling. At least they are not up in our face. They’ve had a go at some carpet too recently. Little terrors! Still, the cuteness, its soooooooo lovely I can put up with all of it.