wind up central

December 22, 2008

so, its all a bit, whats the word, saddening.

One of the saddest things happened this week to a friend of mine at work. Her sister of only 25 years old passed away due to a freak accident at a party. My heart goes out to her because she does not deserve to loose her sister. The same week she found out she was pregnant. This is one of a few things that have left a cloud over work like a brooding storm. Also there seems to be far too much bitching going on. Something I try not to get involved in. Except I’m in a position in my office that I hear almost everything and several people consider me a good friend and use me as a confidant. Come the new year this will change. I’m calling a time out on all people telling me what they think of someone else. Within my company and team its fine. Its my local office and staff that seem to have it in for each other. I’m sure it will all iron out but it has made for a pretty uncomfortable situation. No more I say. PLEASE just no more.

On Tuesday night our dishwasher broke. GARGH! how very unfair. It started leaking over the floor. We tidied up and washed up and made a very fast dinner late after cleaning up the mess.

On the good news front I have tied in the ends on Dad’s scarf and it looks frabulous. I’m mighty happy with it and I stuck at what I would consider a difficult pattern for someone I love, which is why it got finished.

Thursday night I went to knitting night. It was great. We all hung out at the knitting shop instead of the forum and I invested in a new set of interchangable circular needles. I tried one last night and the smoothness on these needles are to die for. They make knitting more of a joy than it was before.

I also went to visit my cube mate Sue. She sits next to me in the office but has been off for the best part of two weeks due to a foot operation. I miss her a whole lot. She is a vicars wife but I have never met someone quite as lovely and respectful of everyone. It was good to see her and take her a puzzle book to keep her entertained whilst she’s stuck at home.

Friday was the office Christmas lunch which passed without any major hitches. Food was ok but it was free so no complaints. I won the raffle and got a box of chocolates, my secret Santa was some pasta which was lovely. I bought a vibrating massager for the receptionist I was buying for. It went down very very well indeed. She has a bad neck and shoulders so hopefully it will help her. Also because of her neck and shoulder problem reception has been moved. I came in to work over the weekend and everything was working fine. It looks posh and a vast improvement on what it was.

I went to the veggie shop too and stocked up on all the things we need for Christmas. Even better news, amid housework on Saturday Scotty and I decided to try and fix the dish washer. We struggled to get it out of its position in the fitted kitchen because it had been tiled around instead of underneath it. Once out we tried some caustic soda and slowly pumped that through the exit pipe. It took the best part of two hours to fix but we did it, got it back in place and it all looks just like before! This is a very big achievement for us because we both really do not like DIY. The smugness was abound in our house on Saturday night when we ran the dishwasher back in place and it worked fine.

With all the housework I was wondering around in my slippers because I seem to have pulled something in my foot which hurts most when walking on cold floors. Most of the house is carpeted including the stairs… Can you see whats coming? I slipped down the stairs in my slippers. bounced on my rear down 3 steps and wrenched my shoulder on my right side because I reached out to grab the railing but forgot I had rubber gloves on still so they stuck firm to the rail leaving me hanging by my arm. I got up and got on with things, not even shedding a tear. BUT instead I woke up on Sunday with a bruised backside and a very sore shoulder, and thoroughly shaken up. Sunday was spent on the sofa knitting and doing little bits about the house because I really did not want to beat myself up again!

Only two days left of work to go and I cant wait for this year to be over. I don’t ever remember feeling this way about a year and even though some of the best things have happened this year some of the worst have too. Over christmas lunch some said, oh its going to be worse next year though. I reminded them there are some things they just cant do to you twice. Thank goodness that is the case.

Oh and one final thing, Otis and Jasper LOVED having the dishwasher out of place and had a good wonder around under all the cupboards picking up all the dust and wood shavings that were left there from the builders. Now Jasper has taken to scratching the boards to try and get his access back now we’ve taken it away. He’s also recently taken to scratching to bury Otis’s wet food that he wont eat. I though Otis was the naughty cat but it appears the tables have turned.


  1. Oh dear! It’s been a bit of a weekend for you, by the sounds of it.

    Sad news about your friend at work, especially so close to Christmas.

  2. Really sorry to hear about your friend at work’s loss. And you definitely need to tell everyone to cease with the bitching around you – nothing is more guaranteed to bring you down!

    But 2009 will be a good year; you’re right, some things can only happen to you once in a lifetime. whew.

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