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morning purr alarm.

December 31, 2008

morning purr alarm.

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Just for those of you who don’t live with cats, or have never understood what it is like to have very friendly pets who want to spend their time with you, here is a brief overview of the start of a morning at chez Otis and Jasper. Please turn up the volume so that you can hear our morning purr chorus.

The boys had some lovely toys for christmas, I was intending on getting video of them both playing with their new squeaky mice. They have learned how to squeak them too. Except now both already appear to be lost in to the secret stash place they have hidden anything useful that they have been able to remove. One thing this little holiday has taught me is that I love my family.


like a kid again.

December 31, 2008

This break has meant one thing to me. I’ve felt like a child again. Days on end getting up late, doing the things I want to do. Main activities have been movie watching, especially KIDS movies, this is why I’ve felt a return to child hood. I’ve knitted LOTS, I’ve cooked a little, played with the cats and their new toys and played computer games like little big planet. Oh and taken a little bit of video of our cats.

Scotty and I popped out on boxing day to PC world and stocked up sale tech items. He needed a new hard disk for the play station and bought a new 16Gb memory stick. I got a new memory card for my little camera so that I could store more than 3 photos on it!

Saturday Ewan and Bethan came over to watch wall-e, Dad brought them over and also stayed for the movie. My sister came by a bit later after going shopping in the city. I said she was crazy, she confirmed as much when she turned up. Her instructions were to avoid marks and spencers. I’m not going shopping any time soon at all, definitely not city shopping anyway. I am needing of nothing that it can provide at the moment. Anyway, the film was good and the kids enjoyed it. Dad and I nipped out and went to get fish and chips for everyone for lunch because the kids could not agree on anything else they liked.

Sunday watched films including the very unsurprising surprise I got for Scotty batman the dark knight in HD. I bought it last thing on 23rd when going late night shopping. Except I forgot it was in the bag when Scotty put everything away for me. He exclaimed “oh wow!” when he found it, I followed that exclamation with”Oh crap” that’s another surprise blown. He was good about it.

I made pies with new pots, some quorn chicken and creamy veg pies with mashed potato and turnip on top. I used my new potato ricer to make perfect mash. Except turnips get a little wet and spray all over the place when put under pressure with the ricer. Entertaining, squishy and splattery. Photos of most of my lovely cooking items are available by clicking above. I got some more silicone cake trays, non stick cooking rings and Scotty got a new elephant tea tin.

On Monday I painted pig. It was a woolies special. I asked for one when I saw my niece get one in woolies in Sheringham. I was happy to get it and spent a good couple of hours painting. Its not perfect but I’m very happy with how it turned out.



I think he’s a multi-coloured giraffe style. I could have done a little better but I love him just as he is.

Tuesday went shopping and cooked and knitted. Yet again I want to save the knitting for a whole new post of its own. I’m starting to think I want to be a house wife so I can do more crafty things, spend more time being thrifty and creative. Althoug I do need the wages to pay the bills, so for now it just is not going to happen so I wont get my hopes up. I’m unlikely to win the lottery because I don’t play it.


time out, just what was needed.

December 31, 2008

I’ve been off work since Christmas eve. I’m loving it, I’m getting stuff done and lazing about like no other. Just today I got up and had a cup of tea and now I’ve come back to bed. Its complete decadence and laziness but I have no need to be bouncing off the walls cleaning and tidying and trying to fit everything in.

On Christmas eve I nipped around to Sue and took some Christmas cards. I realized after I left I probably moaned far too much about work but made her feel like it was nice for her not to be there so she did not have to get all involved in the bla bla of it all. It was nice to see her again and good to hear she is healing well.

I made a nut roast. I actually thought I completely fluffed it by making it way too wet. I cooked it for over an hour. I used cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and bread crumbs. I made a vegetable layer with parsnips, butternut squash, garlic, shallots and pine nuts and herbs. I spread over a layer of cranberry and redcurrant sauce and dropped in some cooked chestnuts. I also made the cranberry and redcurrant sauce myself. I made it a few weeks back but it did not fully set. I bought another bag of cranberries and re-cooked the sauce and added a bit of cinnamon. It was divine, thick and gloopy too just how it should be.

Christmas day was lovely. Scotty and I headed over early to my brothers house. Early for us is getting there for 10am. The usual present swaps and hanging about playing with things occurred. Everyone loved every present from each person. We all made a great effort this year to get each other what we wanted and it all went down well. Dad was very very happy with his scarf and I am sad to say I did not get a photo with him wearing it. I will do at some point. He left it draped over his shoulders nearly all day. We scored lots of wonderful things, some of which have been photographed… If you take that link you’ll also find some of my current knitting progress 🙂

Scotty bought me a new camera YAY! I loved my little canon ixus. I needed one to replace it because I kept it on me at all times in my handbag and used it until it nearly died. I bought Scotty little big planet and forbidden lego. We came back with a metric tonne of chocolate and booze and a lovely box of very fattening biscuits. I got a paintable pig, Scotty got a “let the wookie win”lego t-shirt. I think its the first time in a few years where I’ve given so much but received so much too. I think we all paid less this year too. It was more the fact that the items we got were plentiful but large-ish so that it made our bags look fuller.

Lunch was wonderful. I was amazed how well the nut roast went down, it was cooked for another hour wrapped in foil. Everyone had some and my little niece Izzy had 3rd helpings of the cranberry and redcurrant sauce. I left the two jars there for everyone to fight out who would have them.

We played with the kids and their toys. Tommy getting a hot wheels auto ramp looping toy thing and Izzy with her baby anabelle. Ewan got lots of goodies as did Bethan. I tried on Bethan’s Koodie and she proclaimed that she adored it and wanted it finished. I was unsure of the shape but it went down so well even though it was an ad-hoc creation. I seem to be doing something right.

All in all we may have missed mum and there were a few lip wobbles, we all enjoyed it for her and we are proud to be together as a family.

I’m trying to break this up in to manageable chunks so the rest of our break will be covered in another post. Merry Christmas all, although belated I have thought of each of my lovely friends and readers (those of you I know come regularly). I do mean to keep in touch more but I have enjoyed this break not just from blogging but from bothering to send cards and keeping to any appointments at all. I’ve had nothing planned and it has worked out to be wise, relaxing and well worth doing. I hope nobody is offended by this and understands that sometimes, tuning out, switching off and detachment from the world is a really nice way to get mind body and spirit back on track ready for the new challenges of a new year.

more updates soon. I may even get around to some stories from our honeymoon next year!