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things to look forward to

January 16, 2009

I’ve found when I’m most down this is part of the issue. I cant see what’s coming ahead and I struggle to look forward to something. Well after feeling so very down I shook myself out of it with a lot of sleep and relaxation to get myself in a fighting position. I was strung out completely and nothing but a good nights kip was going to help. I did that Wednesday night and it helped my outlook. A lovely chat with Dad also helped and also Scotty helped by being there for me and making me laugh, which is what he does best. No matter how sad I am he can always find something to say or do that I will not be able to resist giggling at. Something as simple as calling Segourney Weaver a scrawny beaver. I’m surprised I don’t remember hearing that one before. Not that its a great example because usually its animal related and rather bizarre and not so derogatory but he’s got a way of showing me he cares enough to bring me out of any bad situation.  I really love that man.

Anyhew, on to nice positive things, things I started to look forward to. Last night we had a leaving party for one of our colleagues who took voluntary redundancy. It was a nice team of people down the pub after work and as cocktails were cheap I had a couple although I stopped well before I got too lairy. Oh yes, I don’t mix with alcohol often I tend to blert things out when I do. It was lovely to see Lisa again and great to hear that she had got herself a new job with more money and better prospects. hoorah!

So we all had drinkies, and three of us decided to stay out for dinner. As everyone else dissipated away to their respective partners and homes and activities we went to go for tapas. We were going to La Tasca but it was a 30 minute wait. We went to Torero instead which was delicious and the best tapas I’ve had outside of Spain. Had lots of lovely flavours and lots of good chat with two exceptionally intelligent and good natured colleagues whom I can call friends.

I’m lucky, I know I am. I just don’t take advantage of that fact enough. Things like going out for dinner with friends is something I should do more and will lead to a more stable me. Its just a shame I missed knit club again but there is always next week. Those ladies are fab too and I forget how much I appreciate the change of scenery from home and the interaction with people outside of work in a leisurely manner.

I do have things to look forward to, including and not limited to: my brothers birthday less than a week away (oh damn must find a present), The twins’ birthdays two days later. My 31st birthday (oh crikey… I’m not sure quite how to feel but it appears to be boding) and Scotty’s birthday after that. Plus cards to grans and auntie by the end of Feb. So yeah it all does get better from here. I just have to remember that, and keep doing stuff no matter how icky inside or outside I feel. Its just difficult some times and I’m glad I could tell you all because I was holding back and I don’t think that helped either.